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Greatest Casino Slots Revision: Try Them!

Choose slots from Quickspin or Netent? Start the machine normally or use the demo version? You no longer need to load yourself with such questions, because our review has already been compiled by gambling professionals.

From countless polls made from asking NZ gamers about their favorite type of gambling the slots always came on top. It is pretty obvious that such a popular activity for multiplying real money online should attract new users constantly. That is why we have set our goal to provide local casino gamblers with the best tips for finding good machines. It includes information about real money NZ casinos, best paying machines and trustworthy developers. Useful tips for improving your performance is a great addition made by best professional NZ players working under our name.

Experts working with us

When we are talking about people working with us we are not afraid to call them best online casino specialists. Everyone of them has 5+ years of experience playing NZ slots online for real money profits. That alone let them possess such skills:

  • ability to quickly estimate the possible real money profits from a game after a few spins;
  • spot fresh trends of slot industry to point them out for NZ players;
  • knowledge about best casino and online machine vendors and their unique features;
  • a roster of thoroughly tested strategies that can be passed to less experienced NZ real money players;
  • real money gaming intuition that helps them find new opportunities for online profits before an average NZ casino user.

Casinos rarely allow more than breaking even so you need a tip from such people to be successful online. The best thing is we are constantly expanding the number of gamblers we are working with so you can apply online.

Some slot basics for newcomers

For complete strangers to such online activity we are feeling it is necessary to talk about what slots are. Assuming you have not gambled any real money before this moment we want to point out some key components. First of all, we want to remind you that any casino site allows you to play it for free using online demo mode. You can choose it while clicking on the «Play» button near every game on the slots casino website. If you want some theory before interacting with NZ real money gaming machines then read:

  • after clicking the «Play» button you must sit through online loading screen in any NZ software;
  • check out settings and quick online guide with best combinations;
  • choose the amount of wager you are comfortable with;
  • choose the number of paylines you are playing with online slots real money;
  • click on the «Spin» button.

Using this common knowledge you can win at the best NZ software right away. Little bit of luck or some smart strategy will help, obviously. The best and easiest way to earn real money is to learn how to pick up the best paying online slots real money in NZ casinos.

Necessary boxes to check while choosing a machine

So let us get it straight right from the start, it is really hard to pick up a slot relying only on the description. The best way to test characteristics will always be a demo but it does not mean you should go in blind. While looking for licensed NZ machine with best odds of winning casino jackpot follow these rules:

  • quality of visuals often can be judged by the cover;
  • some mechanic often hinted in the name (Centurion Megaways, for example);
  • RTP or return to player means the percentage of real money spent returning to NZ players from casino wins;
  • look at volatility which means the number of wins per 100 spins and their size;
  • some slots have more promotions tied to it than others.

Most of the best modern software has a mobile phone version. So if you see there are none it is definitely a red flag for online NZ games. Another approach to choosing casino slots is finding a good list from professionals like us. Casino experience is the best tool to define a bad slot from a good one.

A help from expert slot players

Additional help we can provide due to a number of best slots we have played online is advice for beginners. We will not list advanced strategies and best possible ways to increase your profits. Instead, look at the shortlist of casino tips you can implement while earning real money online:

  • click through all the informational screens of real money casino to learn about best possible offers;
  • free spins have much more value for gambling than other promotions;
  • make accounts in more than one real money NZ casino website to try each of welcome bonuses;
  • use demo mode extensively to learn about mechanics of online slots real money NZ;
  • find the online slot you most comfortable with as playing in a good paying yet feel-bad machine leads to frustration.

You may not be convinced yet but such small tweaks to your daily casino routine can bring more real money. Another advice our team can give is to find a payment processor without any additional fees. Some casinos NZ struck a deal with such companies to let NZ users play without any worries.

Fellow gamers’ advices

Speaking about users, the biggest tip we can share is to look for NZ gamers reviews on corresponding websites. There you can read about experiences of people who have gambled real money at a certain casino. Best online slots, promos and real money tournaments are often discussed too! But it is possible to stumble upon paid reviewers so here are some features them for you to avoid:

  • review is an overly negative or positive towards a NZ site;
  • review overexplains various aspects of NZ casino such as slot library or real money promotions;
  • a couple of words without a substance.

A good exercise will be reading about 50 different reviews from NZ gamers to learn what defines a good commentary. You will see not the commercial text but the real feeling of that NZ local. Do not forget that our team of professional gamers are NZ locals too. So you can count our articles as NZ user reviews with honest opinions about various gaming places. We can guarantee no real money was involved in choosing an online place to review.

How online slots came to be

A good change of pace will be a return to basics via talking about what classic slots were originally. The knowledge about old casinos let you see the similar patterns in modern ones. The first machine resembling modern slots was built in 1984, San Francisco by Charles Fey. Following by Card Bell slot with automatic payouts.

Next machine called Liberty Bell was the 1st to introduce familiar symbols like bells and horseshoes. Introducing images of the fruits is another funny story made possible by Industry Novelty Company. That move was needed to bypass the gambling restrictions in the USA. The vendor marketed these slots as chewing gum dispensers with fruit symbols in it.

Jackpot slots were first seen in 1916 in the machine made by Mills Novelty Company. There, a special combination of fruit symbols + the «bar» had given you more real money than average wins. What is funny is that the first time slots were permitted in real money casinos were in 1988, France. The first online classic slots app emerged in the late 90s.

What is happening now with slots

And from these ancient times slots came in miles in physical and online forms. New genres and types developing each year. And here we want to discuss some of them to give real money gamblers an idea of the best paying ones. Compared to even the best old land-based slots modern machines have better graphics and engaging gameplay. The latter is defined by the type of casino software you are interacting with on NZ real money gambling sites:

  • megaways;
  • progressive;
  • classic.

It is a good idea to list their best features independently, putting an emphasis on what makes each one stand out. The order above should not tell you that the 1st one is the best. Instead, read thoroughly about each online slots NZ type and try to pick your favorite.

Many paylines for consistent hits

This slot in online NZ casinos is the best pick for anyone who wants to win each round. It was made possible by adding 50+ new paylines to the classic 5-reel formula. That does not mean you will be getting the best wins every time. Online machines of that type can have up to 500 lines of win at the best circumstances. Casinos often has a dedicated page to list such slots for NZ gamers who want to see winning animations often.

Collective jackpot

For the fellow NZ gambling fans dreaming about biggest jackpot hits we are glad to introduce progressive slots. That type is suited the best for the luckiest of us with more real money to spend. Each round a small percentage of it goes to the collective pot. The best online slots NZ feature is the jackpot is the sum of these small percentages of spending. Some slot’s pots were collected locally at online casinos while others are web-wide.

Unique visual themes for unique real money wins

Today’s slot industry is filled with different games to be played online using real money. They vary not only in mechanics but visual styles too. We think any NZ gamer needs a guide on popular themes that can be found at modern online casinos. Here are some of the best represented on real money gambling websites:

  • cosmic;
  • monsters;
  • gladiators;
  • Vikings;
  • Greece and Rome;
  • fantasy;
  • abstract.

It is almost a guarantee you can find most of these themes represented while looking for the best casino games. It is much more fun and engaging to multiply real money using visually pleasing new nz slots online.

What you can find on the reels

To multiply your cash effectively you have to learn about images you can find on the reels. Slots with real money functionality can be quite unintuitive for modern NZ gambling enthusiasts. It was a byproduct of new symbols you can find in slots today. Look at some of the popular guests on the casinos’ software reels:

  • wilds;
  • scatters;
  • special round trigger;
  • mini-game trigger;
  • single reel spin trigger.

While the latter three are self-explanatory the other two should be discussed in a greater detail. For starters, wild symbols has 2 purposes:

  • prolong paylines;
  • trigger special events.

Scatters’ primary goal is to help NZ real money gamers earn more. If you gather 3-5 of such symbols on new online slots reels you will get additional spins. The best thing is the real money wager is fixed so you can profit literally from nothing!

Bonus activation nuances

Speaking of completely free ways to profit more we should discuss casino bonus available online in NZ. While starting at any real money gambling site you can encounter two major types of boosts you can activate:

  • deposit is necessary;
  • no deposit bonus.

Pretty self-explanatory but some mechanics should be elaborated on further. First of all, even the best deposit bonuses may be claimed with a minimum deposit. The nuance is the amount you get correlates with the sum you have added.

What makes any place safe for earning cash

If a website works in a good jurisdiction then you can expect some level of trustworthiness beforehand. But still it would be better to review the facilities more thoroughly to guarantee the popular slots would have fair percentages. Look at some of the industry-wide procedures taking place to ensure the fairness of a casino:

  • local government casino verification organizations;
  • 3rd party financial audit organizations, for example, eCORGA;
  • real money slots integrity reviews by gambling vendors themselves;

Following these guidelines helps gambling places to avoid being blacklisted in most of the countries where real money gaming is legal.

Casino developers use these methods to prevent hacking

But the danger may come not from the websites’ owners but malicious hacking groups. These people aim at your funds as well as personal data. So sites hosting mobile slots should place some protective measures on the cash transactions and net packet transfers. These modern technologies let gaming websites to provide safe gambling to NZ users:

  • SSL security protocols;
  • encryption for all important operations;
  • manual security checks;
  • regular maintenance to reveal breaches which can be exploited by hackers;
  • money laundering prevention measures;
  • updated net protocols.

Regular users like you can also improve the safety of the experience of playing slots NZ by changing the password. Another habit to ensure that your funds are safe is checking user reviews and blacklist status. The best advice is stick to the famous names in the industry as these companies place an emphasis on security.

Famous NZ names in the gambling industry

Let us look at popular places with the best value of bonuses you can find on the NZ slot market. It is important to use the right service in order to get smooth access to your favorite real money games. Look at our picks for playing new slots online.


Greetings gifts

Vegas Lounge Casino

50% cashback

Sky City Online Casino

20 spins no deposit + 70 after


220 free spins in total + up 600 NZD with the 1st deposit

These places include even the most interesting type of software called video slots. We want to discuss it and other aforementioned types of online machines below.

For classic slot experience

For all our long-time slot fans we want to start from classic games and their online versions. By that we mean 3 reels software without too much additional mechanics. Moreover, while playing it you will encounter 0 to 2 special symbols which is nothing compared to modern casino slots. The best thing is how simple these 3 games we want to talk about here.

Triple Red Hot 7s

A classic machine from legendary IGT is ready to provide a land-based casino experience to NZ online players. Some modern tweaks were made to make the gameplay smooth and fast to get into. Characteristics of this slot is looking pretty lucrative too compared to other NZ casino software.







Special symbols


Enjoy different stylized logo symbols and regular 7s while spinning the reels. Grab the «Bonus» symbols to trigger no wagering rounds with a cap NZ$25 millions.

Booming Seven Deluxe

Immersive machine where its best feature is background. Realistically looking at a casino room helps to feel that thrill of playing at a real money place. But it is pretty shortsighted to think it is the only feature that helps your profits.







Special symbols


Even better, you can gamble your wins to double any real money you have won in this slot. And to speed up the winning process this casino software has the best feature to do it Auto-Spin.

9 Lions

Asian themes always set expectations for profits high and this 3 reel machine surely delivers. Easily distinguishable symbols and simple mechanics let you enjoy real money gambling in a casino on its fullest.







Special symbols


Best thing wilds and scatters let you earn even more within a single round. Follow the path of the dragon to find real money treasures in this game!

Currently trending machines in NZ

The best skill that professionals from our review team possess is ability to work with NZ casino statistics. It helps immensely to identify and spread a word about popular real money slots for best profits. Here we want to speak about such software in a greater detail. Casino experts working with us tried their best to identify popular yet profitable slots NZ.

Book of Rest

Popular Egypt treasure theme done the best by Evoplay and this slot is no exception. Memorable characters and familiar symbols let you jump into casino gaming without any difficulties.





Free spins


Following the latest trends mobile slots versions are presented by Evoplay in the best shape. Convenient placement of buttons let you gamble real money in a casino the best possible way.

Lucky Riches Hyperspins

A celebrity themed machine by popular slot vendor Microgaming provides NZ gamers with the biggest RTP statistics. That feature alone let casino enthusiasts to increase their profits by a huge margin.





Free spins


Use various symbols presented here to earn even more cash in the casino. Mini-games and multipliers are the best additions to a mundane slot formula.

Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior

Popular video game franchises made into online slots by NetEnt can offer similar emotions from real money NZ wins. Look at the additional features if familiar game characters and backgrounds are not enough!





Free spins


You can even automate the online gambling process to enjoy smooth animations without any interruptions. Follow the journey of the main character to claim the best type of jackpots called progressive. Even more real money profits can be made with free spins and various bonus slot games.

Traditional gambling on the reels

But some old-fashioned NZ casino users may have a different taste when it comes to slots. They prefer traditional real money games to colorful modern machines. You can get the best from both worlds using video slots. The unique style of these machines let you make rapid wins in the familiar setting.

Major variants of video games

You can find almost any popular table activity in slot format in NZ casinos online. The best thing you can do is avoid reading any rules as the slots are pretty intuitive. Symbols are the same and slot reels are a pretty familiar concept too. Look at the real money table games you can find video slot versions:

  • blackjack;
  • poker;
  • craps;
  • baccarat;
  • roulette.

Some more niche games are available too but we cannot guarantee you can find such slots in NZ casinos.

What you should know going into such games

If you want to learn about what will wait for you in video slots then this section is your best bet. The games often have the buttons to choose real money wager and 3-7 reels. You can open the informational tab to learn about how much each symbol pays. There you may also learn about special slot symbol mechanics. After this you only thing left is the best which means spinning the reels online!

Learn about good video slots providers

To choose proper casino software right you better be following best known vendors. That will help you to avoid poor-paying mechanics and bad visuals. It is also helpful knowing that best developers work only with the best casinos. So here are some of the popular slots making organizations delivering fresh slots to NZ casinos:

  • NetEnt;
  • IGT;
  • Evoplay.

Try to build your own roster while testing new real money slots using demo mode. Professional NZ users often have 10+ video slot vendors on the list. That will help you to find real money winning opportunities in a new casino online.


What is the best approach to funding your first spin in online slots?

Our advice will be following the banners an online casino is showing you at the frontpage. There are often the best offers with the highest currency per value investments. Welcome offers or no deposit bonuses is a great choice for any starting NZ user.

Where to see the characteristics of the slot if an online casino is not showing any?

Our best bet will be going for the provider's websites. If you have a hard time accessing or navigating it then the next point of interest will be reviews. Our site has the best tablets when it comes to NZ slot characteristics.

Where to find a button to start a demo mode in any of the NZ casino online slots?

According to our experience in online gambling places we suggest looking somewhere near the «Play» button. If not, contact the casino support line online. It is also a warning sign as any licensed casinos should offer demo rounds in NZ.

What should I have in hand’s reach before starting a registration process?

In most cases, NZ casinos during the online sign up process ask you for some personal data, phone number and currency.


Are Online Casinos Legal?

Most online casinos work through and through inside the limits of the law. Regardless, there are no overall laws that apply to online gambling in every single piece of the world. Countries generally have their own individual laws relating to online gambling, so the legality of online casinos will depend upon where they are based and besides where you live. Preceding playing at an online casino you should watch that it is approved in a region where it can work legitimately. You should moreover watch that your local laws don't deny you from gambling online, yet this is rarely the circumstance.

Would i be able to utilize more than one installment strategy?

Indeed, online casinos permit you to have at least two store and withdrawal choices. Remember that for extortion avoidance purposes, an online casino won't acknowledge a store via card and solicitation for a withdrawal to an alternate technique like eWallets. Make sure to consistently demand your withdrawals to a similar strategy you used to store.

What is a Loyalty Bonus?

Online casinos offer an assortment of devotion bonuses for normal players. Your status level is estimated dependent on your gaming movement and advanced to the unrivaled VIP levels, where restrictive advancements and uncommon blessings are consistently accessible for you

What's a no store bonus?

It's a bonus you can guarantee without keeping any of your own cash. A no store bonus is typically altogether lower than a store match bonus (where you're needed to store a specific add up to guarantee the compensation on offer). Be that as it may, in case you're new to online casinos, or you simply need to dunk your toe in without taking a chance with any of your own money, a no store bonus is an incredible method to figure out the genuine cash gaming activity on offer. In addition you could wind up winning some genuine money in the process as well.

Do online casinos remunerate High Rollers or VIPs?

Certainly! Any online casino deserving at least some respect will happily make a special effort to show their appreciation for their top players. Contingent upon the amount you store into your record, your steady help of the casino, and your number of enormous successes, you could be compensated with a High Roller or VIP bonus. These bonuses are regularly exceptionally excessive with uncommon betting necessities, withdrawal cutoff points, and then some. It pays to be a VIP at top online casinos. Peruse our manual for High Roller VIP bonuses and discover more.

Where would i be able to discover the gambling permit data for my online casino?

An enlisted and believed online casino ought to have the entirety of their authorizing data promptly accessible. In the event that the online casino you've picked is managed and legitimate, you should discover an identification or authorizing data at the lower part of the page, just as on their 'About Us' page. On the off chance that there's no indication of permitting apparent, it's ideal to attempt a first class online casino all things being equal.