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Amazon Wild

Amazon Wild Slot Detail

The Amazon jungle is the backdrop to Amazon Wild slot games, a stunningly-drawn slots game from the team at Amaya (International) Ltd. Reels packed with tropical frogs, panthers, lizards and Aztec scrolls make up the basis of this 5-reel, 100 payline game, complete with detailed animations and graphics that are definitely towards the better end of the spectrum. As with all slots games, it’s more important to look at what’s behind the veil and that’s why we pride ourselves on our in-depth slot reviews. With Amazon Wild, you’re looking at a 94.
Stacked wilds are a big part of the attraction here, giving you the ability to have multiple wilds in place across the same reels as you spin – a much easier way to complete paylines, when these stacked wilds are active. And when you do land a paying combination, you’ll know about it – payouts are fast, and animations flood the screen depending on the types of symbols you’ve lined up. The developers have gone all out to give this game a stylish user experience, and that is felt at its strongest arguably when winning combinations appear.

This is a rapid spinning game, with reels that feel more physical than virtual. But you won’t find free spin bonuses throughout the game, which for some is a little disappointing. Of course, given the high payout percentage and the speed of the action, there’s really no need for free spins – the stacked wilds and other in-game features more than make up for this, and it’s still possible to win serious prizes, with up to a 1,000x maximum line win when you stack up multiple Panther symbols.

Wilds and Scatters in Amazon Wild

As is par for the course with most decent slots games, there are a number of feature symbols you’ll come across on your travels. These can have various effects on the game and the reels you are spinning. In particular, the wild and the scatter symbol are the most desirable, helping you complete paylines or pick up bonuses along the way.

Golden Head: This is the wild symbol, and you’ll notice that it allows any paylines to run through uninterrupted. Where you’re missing one symbol and the wild is in its place on the reels, you’ll make up your payline. The wilds also pay out on their own value too, so there’s incentive to get multiple across your reels. Look out for the stacked wild function on a given reel – when two or more symbols appear on the same reel, you benefit from this stacked functionality which will help you transform plenty of paylines into winners for as long as it’s active.

Maps: Three or more of these scatter symbols triggers the Map bonus round. The bonus round shows up as a map of some ancient Aztec or Mayan ruins. You have to choose a ruin to reveal and claim the prize that lies behind it – a simple enough process that can make a big difference to your in-game results.

Winning The Jackpot

The jackpot available in Amazon Wild online 2000x. There’s not much required to win this non-progressive prize – it’s just a case of lining up 5 of the Map symbols anywhere on a qualifying payline. Land these and you’ll be in with a shout for the 2000x jackpot, with 500x available as a minimum for anyone who lands this combination. If you’re playing at a couple of pounds per spin across all 100 lines, this can quickly add up to be a serious amount of money – but only if the Aztec slots gods are on your side.

Play Amazon Wild at PartyCasino

Amazon Wild is a stunning slots game with so much to offer – both artistically and in terms of its gameplay. The wilds and bonuses in the main reels game complement this setup perfectly, to create a game that is nice to look at, fun to play, and has serious payout potential. Try your luck at Amazon Wild mobile slot, available right here at PartyCasino.