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Babushkas Slot Detail

The next going description is dedicated to the Russian folkloric things. We are going to tell about everything in the order. So take with yourself a cup of tasteful tea or hot coffee, a bag of sweet goodies and please welcome the Babushkas slot machine. Thunderkick” promises that their ”Five”-reeled gambling will impress any, even the most exacting gambler.
The way of playing is contemporaneously easy and funny

The background is a bluish-turquoise-thistle-gray, knitted with the caring hands of the Russian grandmothers, striped sweater with dark-gray three large snowflakes patterns. In the sweater’s beneath, there are articles of the Babushkas regulational plunk: a sable circular with a 9 bright-white dots tin-tack (After the gambler will click on it, two symbols will appear. The upper is a ”sheet with horizontal lines”.

The ”Game Rules” menu will be opened. The lower symbol of the ”doted tin-tack” is a ”high goblet”. Exactly, in this part of the menu, you might see all slot game’s ”matrioshkas”.
under it is a virtual clock of Babushkas online slot and a marker of the ”free play” (or ”paid” if the gambler plays with putting real money)
over ”clock” and ”game-mode mark” is a ”microphone” in order to ”mute” the musical arrangement
Cash” (the gambler’s bank will be visible in the currency accordingly to that which he/she prefers.
the ”Total win” button will also show the g-player’s winning in the relevant currency
next going is a ”Bet” button that, of course, shows correct currency
The first capsule is ”0. Babushkas slot machine auto-spinner.

In the right corner of the lowest point of the screen, there will be a provider’s logotype ”T”.
a dark-blue Glafushka matrioshka
a violet Lidushka matrioshka
a lilac Natashenka matrioshka and a bright-orange Mashenka matrioshka
Olga Stepanovna matrioshka. The Babushkas slot has got a light-olive Serafima matrioshka as well.

Bonus rounds

A pretty matrioshka in the ”egg” form with multicolored ornaments has a mark of ”wild” power. Also, this symbol is coming in the look of extra ornament in the form of ”star”. An angry brown bear can ”jump” from such matrioshkas as well.

A romantic bear that wears the cylinder and has been surrounded by burgundy, cozy-pink and ruby small ”hearts” will make an online surprise for every Babushkas player. A bear with a tiny sweet accordion and green ”notes” above its head brings matrioshkas ”Free Spins”.