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Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Slot Detail

Introducing the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Slot Machine
The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot machine is the incredible new game created by the talented developers over at Playtech. Experience a true beginning of heroism and idealism with the most epic clash ever to be conceived on the big screen. Now it is brought to you in the form of a 5×3 reel slot with up to 25 paylines for you to win on. Join both the caped crusaders as they conclude their fight and team up with Wonder Woman for massive big bonus clashes against the evil villain Doomsday. You will never have experienced another slot like this in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot machine.

Game Features and Design of Slot Machine Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The DC Universe is dark, gritty and full of all kinds of trouble. The online Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot machine matches this whole aesthetic perfectly. Exactly the way as Zack Snyder envisioned it. Watch as the two famous superheroes are facing each other on both sides of the reels. Watch as the lightning storms and clouds swallow the background to create this dark and grey atmosphere that is very similar to the movie. The online Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot machine will be like watching it for the very first time, only with exciting reels and prizes to be won whilst doing so. Watch as all your favourite characters from the movie will also be making a comeback to help you with the great battle ahead.

To play Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot game, players will be spinning the reels and landing the many grizzly symbols to see if they can land a combination. For every combination landed, a payout will be rewarded. You land multiple combinations on the 25 paylines available, allowing you to get multiple prizes during a single spin. As you continue to play, you can encounter special symbols that activate the game’s unique features. This will cause mini-games to occur and can further increase your chances of winning whilst providing a further activity to part of.

If you want to know what each symbol will be worth, you can look at this paytable below. This paytable will show how much an icon combination will be worth, including the number of symbols you need to land in a row in order to score the bigger prizes. Five of a kind will be worth more than three of a kind. Keep in mind that the payouts will be different depending on how much you have bet into the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot game.

  • Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
  • The basic paying symbols will come from the various items that can be found as important plot points in the movie. These are all recognisable to some degree and are worth the same. The second higher tier of symbols is the famous characters that can be found interacting with the heroes in the movie: the love interest, the sidekick, and the mastermind, all work towards higher rewards.
  • Alfred Pennyworth: 30 – 300
  • Lex Luthor: 35 – 400
  • The highest paying symbols in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot game is the logo and Wild. Both offer bonuses as well as high-paying rewards.
  • Wild symbols: 75 – 1250

When it comes to bonuses, none are more exciting than in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice online slot. You can find two amazing features that can take place right when you’re on a winning streak. The two features will involve head to clashes that can be your ultimate victory or significant downfall.

    The smallest bet that you can make in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot game is a total of 0. The biggest bet that you can make is a decent summary of 25. The setting of the bet can be changed accordingly, using the adjustments located beneath the reels. These settings also have their own auto spin feature, that when activated, can spin the reels constantly without any further input. Simply press the button again if you wish to change your bet or do so manually.

There are three different superheroes that will act as the Wild of the game – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman and Superman will act as independent Wilds which will trigger the first feature of the slot.
When you land either one or both of these two, the mini-game will start. Both heroes will be clashing against each other on opposite sides of the reels. Whenever a win is scored, the two will remain fighting until no more wins occur, or one of them travels all the way down the reels. Keep them fighting to keep the winnings coming.
When Wonder Woman has landed, Doomsday will arrive and expand his entire Wild on the whole grid. If you wish to keep him there so that you can continue as many wins as possible, you will need to keep landing all three of the heroes so that they can keep fighting against Doomsday. All these Wilds that are active will summarise maximum winning potential.
As part of the DC Superheroes Progressive Jackpot, players can experience up to four different jackpot prizes that will activate randomly during the game. A hexagon-shaped grid will appear that the player must fill with one of four colours in order to win. Green will award Mini, blue will award Minor, yellow will award Major and red will award the Grand Jackpot.

How to Play Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Slot Game for Fun?

If you wish to get some practice in beforehand, you can play Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot online for free on the official website of Playtech. You can also find this Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice free online slot on our official review page found on our site, or from any other reviews available online. The free online Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot machine will work exactly the same as the full paid version, meaning you can enjoy the same gameplay features without having to worry about spending any real money. Playing the free Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slot machine online will help you further to understand the game’s rules before you play for real.

Tips to Play Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Slot Game for Real Money

The casinos where you can find this game will have plenty for you once you start the official version and play for real. On our own review page, you can find a recommendation to get you started with. These online operators have a bunch of promotions on offer to help give you the most out of your gaming experience. Whether it’s free spins or better chances of suffering minimal losses, you can find the right casino for you so that you can get started your own way before playing.

Playtech has worked for years to develop its gaming prowess. Having become the pioneers in online gambling technology, they have also put in just as much effort with their security as well. This lets players enjoy these games without ever having to worry about suffering from any unfair treatment. The assessments come from top licensers within the business, able to offer premium encryptions with their products that allow total safety whilst depositing.

Interesting Facts

As you know, the slot machine Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is based on the hit movie directed by Zack Snyder and became part of the DC Extended Cinematic Universe. This movie was based around the idea to set up the latest Justice League movie, featuring the same characters introduced in this film.


If you wish to see everything that you loved about the movie mixed together with exciting gameplay, then there is no perfect slot that encompasses this more than the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice online slot. If you want gritty action, full fan-service and explosive effects, you can find it all here in the top game made by Playtech.