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Big Cash Win Slot Detail

Big Cash Win Slots

Big Cash Win slot review is a great name for a classic 3-reel slot game in which all you have to do is line-up 3 matching icons or less to win cash prizes. This also makes it the perfect slot game for new slot players who are just looking to test the waters of slot-play for the very first time, whilst those who still love the classic slots they were brought up on we also relish the simple challenge this slot offers.

Everything you need to know about this game is right there in front of you on the screen, with the 3-reels on the right, and the pay-table containing all the possible winning combinations on the left. And there are no hidden wilds, scatters or bonuses to confuse this slot’s simplicity.

Coin Considerations

All you really need to do to before you start playing this slot, is choose what bets you want to place on each spin of the reels, and you can see what sort of prizes you can win by checking out the pay-table on the left of the reels. When you’ve chosen, you also need to choose the value of your coins, as this will also be used to excitingly multiply all your wins. Coin values range from 0. Big Cash you’d like to win in Big Cash Win!

Big Cash Prizes

One of the great things about Big Cash Win online slot is there are several 1 symbol and 2 symbol icon combinations that will win you smaller prizes, and keep your bank balance topped-up whilst hunting for that big cash win. These include 1 cherry which pays 1 or 2 coins, and 1 Big Cash Win icon which pays 2 or 4 coins. There’s also 5 or 10 coins for 2 cherries, and 15 or 30 coins for 2 Big Cash Win icons.

There are also 7 different ways to win by lining-up 3 icon combinations, with the lowest being for mixed bars which pay 3 or 6 coins. However, line-up 3 matching bars and the prizes get bigger.

Then it’s time to get to the really juicy stuff after that with 150 coins to 300 coins for lining-up 3 cherries, whilst 3 golden 7’s will give you a golden moment with a win of 200 or 400 coins. However, the icon combination we’re all seeking when we play this game is lining-up 3 Big Cash Win slot games Icons which pay 750 coins when playing 1 coins. However, if you’re playing 2 coins, you also get a 500-coin bonus which means you win 2,000 coins for hitting the top prize combination.

Rival Gaming’s line of classic 3-reel slots remains popular, and Big Cash Win is different from many in that it offers plenty of smaller wins rather than wilds or bonuses. However, if you’d like a bit more pizzazz – then why not try others from the range such as Win Mill or Heroes’ Realm!