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Boomanji Slot Detail

Boomanji bonus is an online slots game that has an impressive look to it. One of the first things that will stand out to players about this game is the bright colors and stunning graphics the game has. Players will get to enjoy a nice display of fireworks in the sky while the game is loading. Betsoft is the software that powers Boomanji, so it will perform well and offer plenty of special features. There are 5 reels and 10 paylines in this game and the number of paylines means more chances to create wins without too much going on.
This article will go over the Boomanji online slots game in a way that better prepares players for everything it has to offer them when they play it. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the special features will all be covered.

How to Play the Boomanji Slot

Boomanji online welcomes players with a look that has an outer space feel to it. The symbols are all designed to look like unlit fireworks of many different types. The dark sky can be seen in back of the reels with hundreds of stars. Every once in a while a shooting star will make its way across the sky where it will fade out of sight. The Boomanji name is displayed in big, proud lettering at the top of the game. The paylines are all numbered on both sides of the reels and hovering over a number will outline the pattern for that payline, so players know how to achieve the win for that line. The totals and buttons are situated along the bottom of the screen and they are all large, so players can see them easily.

The 10 paylines makes it easier for players to make wins than what they would experience on the slots with less paylines, or even just a single payline. The players can activate the number of paylines they want and they can bet anywhere from 1 to 10 coins per payline. The coin values start out at 0.

All of the symbols in this slots game add vibrant colors to the screen. They are all designed to look like fireworks and this helps get the player in the mood for a banging good time! The purple star firework pays out 25 for 5, the double yellow firework pays out 25, the green Ka Pow firework pays out 40, the red Boom firework pays out 50, the blue Bomb firework pays out 60, the blue Boom firework pays out 120 and the red, green and blue firework pays out 250.

Boomanji Bonus Features

Although this online slots game doesn’t have the amount of special features that most of the other Betsoft online slots games have, it still offers players a fantastic game. The look of Boomanji bonus is exciting and it has a wild symbol that can be quite helpful with regards to offering the players many ways in which they can earn more wins along the way.

The wild symbol in Boomanji is the box full of fireworks. This wild symbol can show up on the second, third and fourth reels. When it shows up, it can expand to cover the entire reel and that means it can help the player to complete a lot of winning combinations. When this wild feature is triggered, it will give the player a free respin. If additional reels get a wild, then the player will be given another respin.


Boomanji is one of Betsoft’s more basic online slots games. When it comes to this online slots provider, players are used to being given amazing animations and a fantastic variety of special features. However, Boomanji still gives them an entertaining gaming atmosphere with a look that is fun and colorful. There are many types of fireworks depicted on the reels and the background is a dark blue color. This background helps the symbols to really pop. The game also runs fast and smooth, so players can enjoy every spin without hassle.

I am the type of online slots player who does like to play the games that have a lot going on. I’m a huge fan of free spins and bonus rounds. However, I can also admit when I find a game that doesn’t need to offer all these things in order to be a lot of fun. The Boomanji online slots game did prove to still be an entertaining one and I saw pretty good financial results when I played it. There is a wild symbol that helps create many chances to win and the good news is that wild symbol seems to show up on the reels often enough to really add to the game. Anyone else looking for a more basic Betsoft game that still offers them the chance to have a lot of fun should give Boomanji a try.