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Bowled Over Slot Detail

Bowling is a sport that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master. In fact, some people spend their entire life practicing their throws and their follow-through in hopes of achieving a 300 score, which represents a perfect game. Whether you’re someone who aspires to achieve bowling perfection or just enjoys throwing a few rounds with your friends on the weekends, you’ll find Bowled Over slot review from Rival to be a perfectly tailored thematic video slot.
As its name suggests, Bowled Over is a new video slot title that borrows the imagery and excitement of live bowling in order to facilitate some very enticing digital gameplay elements. Bowled Over even contains the sights and sounds of a real bowling alley, providing you with the kind of competitive incentive you need to bring your best game. Should you bowl a figurative strike across this title’s five reels, you could even walk away as a champion with 3,000 extra coins in your pocket.

Altogether, Bowled Over is a great video slot regardless of your previous interest in bowling. After just a few spins, you’ll find yourself getting into the sporting spirit in no time.

Understanding the Bowling Alley Connections

Bowled Over slot machine puts its thematic core right there in the title. As such, you should certainly expect to see this title decked to the nines in bowling imagery, sounds, and more. Fortunately, Bowled Over delivers on all of these fronts, as you’ll see when Bowled Over loads up on your online casino of choice. At that point, you’ll be immediately welcomed into this digital bowling alley with a reel table designed to look like individual lanes.

Not only do each of this title’s reels look like bowling lanes, but each of the symbols you’ll see slide across these reels will bear an immediate connection to this family-friendly sport. For example, all the card-based symbols are decked out to look like they are made of paneled wood. Meanwhile, some of the most common symbols you’ll see from round to round are a colorful pair of bowling shoes and an iconic black bowling ball.

Finally, Bowled Over slot games you in the atmosphere of competitive bowling by providing you with some figurative competition. Two of the most lucrative symbols on this title’s reels come in the form of professional-looking bowlers, whose expressions demonstrate they are ready to accept your challenge. Should you match them up during regular gameplay, you’ll be able to cash in on the jackpot or even win a few free spins.