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Captain Cash is a three-reel, five-payline 3D game and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac Operating systems. Another bonus is that this game doesn’t need to be downloaded so no need to take up any space on your device, just get in there and start playing. It can also be played on your mobiles and androids so wherever you are, you can settle down and play this game. The minimum amount needed to play the game is .

Even though this isn’t the most complex slots game from BetSoft Gaming, it is a good idea to have a thorough look through the pay table information before starting to play the game. You’ll find the line pays listed on top of the reels. Also spending some time playing the game for free is a great idea, no need to rush in all guns and swords ablazing and putting your account balance at risk.

Captain Cash slot review may be an experienced pirate, though he lacks a parrot and has all his limbs intact, but he needs some help. That’s where you come in as you help the pirate find the island that contains all the treasure (Treasure Island? That’d be a great title for a book you know) so that he wants to add to his growing collection.

Everything you want from a pirate-related game from an online casino is here for you to enjoy. Symbols include treasure chests, maps pirate masks (definitely worth looking out for), swashbuckling swords, pirate flags and pirate ships along with the more traditional bars (not the kind the pirates spend all their ill-gotten proceeds in). The graphics are fairly simple but they are colourful with a bit of a retro feel and the soundtrack is never going to bore you. The whole look of the game is similar to the slots machines you’re so used to seeing here, there and everywhere.

Unlike most games there are no scatter symbols or bonus rounds, not even any free spins or a multiplier. So if that’s what you are looking for in a slots game then this isn’t for you. It’s more a classic game with just that extra little twist of the wild symbol. That’s Captain Cash online himself and he can be used to replace all the other symbols in order to create a bevy of winning lines thus ensuring more frequent wins.

If you do want to win the top jackpot you need to bet the maximum amount, simply press the Max Bet button to do just that.

With the game being rather a simple one, it’s a good game to play if you’re relatively new to slot games. Get some experience and some wins playing this and then move on to the more complicated games produced by BetSoft Gaming.