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Cash Of Kingdoms Slot Detail

Review of Cash Kingdoms

By creating slot machines which look and play like popular mainstream mobile gaming titles Microgaming is able to keep their players coming back for more and more of their brand of slots entertainment!

Visual & Sound Design

Cash of Kingdoms is clearly modelled after a series of top mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. These are fantasy mobile strategy games where you are tasked with growing an army of heroes with which to raid enemies and seek glory!

In keeping with the fantasy theme of this casino game the reels are filled with dashing heroes, rogues, treasure chests and even exploding barrels.

  • The dashing Knight – he is the highest paying of all
  • The fire wielding Mage – he’s hot on the Knight heels in value
  • The elven Ranger – she’s got her eye on the prize
  • The hot headed Bombardier – he brings good bang for your buck
  • The crafty Rogue – good thing she works for you

The Wild symbols is the Cash of Kingdoms logo which in keeping with the theme is a shield and crossed swords, while the Scatter symbol is a tempting golden treasure chest glowing with the promise of hidden treasures.

Microgaming took the time to create new low value symbols, thankfully not relying on the same of old card symbols, which are thematically accurate. You will find a magical tome, a knight’s blade & shield, an archer’s bow & arrow, a sack of gold and finally an explosive barrel filling the reels to round out the payline creating low value symbols.
The overall aesthetic is fun and quirky which perfect for an online slot game where the aim of the game is entertainment and escapism with a dash of bonus hunting!

Bonus Features

When Microgaming put effort into the launch of a new slot you can trust they’ve also done something special in its’ development – and this is found to be true with the hot new Bonus Feature they added to Cash of Kingdoms, Invading Wilds!
Invading Wilds
While we are all familiar with Wilds and even expanding Wilds Cash of Kingdoms sees this familiar trope taken up a notch. When you land a stacked Wild on either row 2 or 4 they activate the invading Wilds feature. Invading Wilds sees the stacked Wilds on the reel attack the center row turning it Wild!

If you’re lucky enough to land a wild on both rows 2 and 4 on the same spin you are guaranteed collect a Super Stacked Wild where you have a full set of nine Wilds across rows 2, 3 and 4 – this opens you up to amazing jackpot possibilities!

Free Spins

Landing 3 or more Scatters on the reels not only guarantees you an immediate bonus payout but also triggers the rewarding Free Spins feature! While you start with 10+ free spins you are able to keep triggering more free games by landing additional Scatter symbols. Every Scatter is worth one more free spin!

During Free Spins the chances of stacked Wilds appearing are increased, which means y our chances at a mega payout on a Super Stacked Wild are increased, plus any win of this nature is guaranteed a 2x multiplier on the total win!


Cash of Kingdoms with a 5×3 reel low variance slot machine, this means that you should see frequent small wins. To ensure everyone enjoys a crack at Cash of Kingdoms Microgaming have applied a very broad betting range, with the minimum stake set at €0.

If you’re a player who is driven only by the biggest payouts per spins then you might some of Cash of Kingdoms payouts a little light with 5x The Knight symbols only paying out 10x your bet. However this is in keeping with what you’d expect from a low variance slot, a high variance slot might have a much higher return but you’re going to spend a lot more to try hit it.

The free spins feature adds a little more weight to the jackpot payouts with a potential 250x your bet being up for grabs. Given how often you’re able to trigger free spins your total wins over your time playing Cash of Kingdoms can see you racking up some lucrative stacks!

The treasure room we all want to raid however is Cash of Kingdoms top tier jackpot of 100,000 coins! Depending on your coins size this can be a lovely addition to your kingdoms cash.

Closing Thoughts

Microgaming put a lot of effort into launching this title at the ICE event in London, going to so far as to have a uniquely skilled foot-archer at their booth, and it was well worth it! Cash of Kingdoms is one of those must-pay slots that we can see becoming a player favourite for years to come.

The game is engaging, entertaining and offers up some fantastic jackpot opportunities for players who enjoy lower variance slots. The broad bet range also allows for everyone to have a good time, whether you’re flush with cash or gambling on a budget Cash of Kingdoms will allow you to enjoy an evening at the casino and walk away feeling entertained! We highly recommend donning your armour and jumping into the fray with Cash of Kingdoms today.