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Cashville Slot Detail

We want to present you, dear player, Microgaming`s golden video slot, after opening which you will feel the atmosphere of Cashville slot machine – a town far from Las Vegas where everyone tries to earn easy money and becomes mad hearing the word ”gold”. The online slot has the same title as the town.
The gameplay could be described as follows: money, money, money

The different coloured points of paylines (here are 20) are close to the outer sides of the frame. The field around the playing zone is green having light-green lines. Under the tremendous title Cashville that is placed immediately below the reels, there is a multifunctional flash coloured panel with scarlet and sky-blue buttons. Click on them to regulate the slot game’s parameters. Bet” set exactly that wager amount, which you will choose from 0.

Max Bet” sets the maximum bet. Select Lines” helps to set the amount of paylines. Keep in mind: you always have a right to use a magic autoplay-option. The symbols seemed to be an exhibition of contemporary art that is called like ”Madness of Cashville bonus or Thirst for Money”.

There are four portraits of charismatic citizens of the famous town: a white-heared man wearing a brown hat, a retro suit, a ruby tie (William ”Big Bill” Bullion is smoking a cigar.
Grosselinda von Deeds is holding a document with a blood-red seal.
Brendon Stirling always wears his bluish suit and does not like to talk much. Elizabeth ”Pinky Betty” Boodle hold in her hands a rosy not less pathetic poodle.

Also, you will see their favourite things in the present slot machine: mister Bullion’s brown cigar and golden bonds
Grosselinda’s blue cashvilles (money of Cashville) and a deep-purple brooch
Stirling’s two green stakes of dollars and much more white ”chips” and missis Boodle’s violet cashvilles and lilac beads.

Bonus rounds can make you mad

A luxury picture framed with the golden border of the astonished golden ”W” with fantastic ornaments, a large bloody gemstone is underneath it and a white diamond over is ”WILD”. Except substituting all symbols, it can create a lucky combination!

Not less luxury one is an image of the ornamented golden ”S” that is placed against fresh-green mint leaves, being decorated in the corners with the small silhouettes of William Bullion, Grosselinda von Deeds, Brendon Stirling and Elizabeth Boodle.

Cashville Cashville bonus can be played only after you gain 3+ silver coins with a bright-violet inner circle with many tiny yellow icons of ”stars” and a large red-yellow ”BONUS”. Here is ”Gamble Feature” as well.

The end of the Cashville Slot’s review