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Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon Slot Detail

Chinese Dragon online slot in UK is a slot game that takes us to the Far East. More precisely, we are in China. The Background of this slot is simple. It’s a red curtain. The reels are, so to speak, the Show.
It is very positive to highlight that the symbolism is clearly established. The music fits the theme. But also the potential profits are quite remarkable.

These must of course be earned by the same symbols. A positive aspect is that there are very few images.
It is the Chinese woman who acts as a Wild at the same time.

But it also has the highest value. The same is true of only the Chinese dragon, which gives the slot machine its name and is nevertheless responsible for free games. Only two more picture icons can be found.

It is a typical Chinese building with several floors.

But also a screen in Matt Green can be seen.
A to J and the number 10. These show different colors. These letters count nine symbols, two of which have special abilities.

Game guide in this Mercury slot, exactly 10 paylines are available.

What do these mean?

They all run from left to right.
In this case, at least a number of three matches must be made.

The longer the line is filled with identical images
Now the first row has been achieved.

This is a win, which is not necessarily fixed. After all, it is possible to bet the winning amount again when gambling. The risk managers and the card game are available. With some skill and good luck, the sums can be increased here even more.

Otherwise, the payout is reduced or lost.

Wild and free Playthe Pretty Woman as Wild is a true universal talent. It doesn’t appear frequently on the reels, but does a great Job there. Because it replaces other symbols and thereby forms more often winning rows than other images. With two umbrellas and the Wild a payout can be achieved.

However, the Wild does not replace the free spins Symbol.
four or five dragons appear on the playing field
In these rounds, the Chinese dragon comes into play as a second Wild.

It appears quite often and ensures further profits.