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Cubis Slot Detail

Cubis Slot Machine

If you’re looking for a completely different online slot game to play – then you’ve just found it in the shape of “Cubis”, a weird yet wonderful slot game from creators Amaya.

There are 75 little cubes within an open-sided cube, and prizes are awarded for matching clumps or lines of 4 to 10 cubes. There are also some fascinating bonus games to play including Line Bombs, Square Bombs, Nuclear Bombs, and a Wild Dice Bonus.

With 390 different line and line-bet combinations to choose from, this is also a slot game that has been designed to suit slot players no matter what your preferred budget or style of play.

Enter The Cube

The big cube is really only half a cube, as it resembles an open room with just two walls and a floor. Each floor and wall is made up of 25 small cubes which are 5 by 5 grids. There are 7 different colour cubes.

Diamond Payouts

Match any 4 to 10 cubes in a line or clump and you’ll be in the prizes. Yellow cubes pay 2 to 500 coins, orange 5 to 1,000 coins, red 5 to 1,000 coins, purple 10 to 2,000 coins, blue 15 to 2,500 coins, green 25 to 3,000 coins, and diamond cubes 100 to 4,000 coins.

Line Bombs shoot 4 fire-balls into one wall of the cubes, destroying 4 cubes which will then be replaced by other cubes to hopefully make winning pay-lines. The bombs will explode when no winning pay-lines remain. The Square Bombs destroy all 25 cubes in one wall, which are then all replaced to try and make wining lines. The Nuclear Bomb, as its name suggests, destroys all 75 cubes and then replaces them with 75 more to try and make fresh winning lines. All 3 bomb bonuses are similar to a Tumbling Reels feature in a typical slot game – though completely unique in appearance.

The final bonus is the Wild Dice bonus that can award wins of up to 10,000 coins. When it is randomly triggered it will multiply all prizes awarded by the collective number on the dice.

How To Enter The Cube

Entering the cube is easy. Simply choose to play 1 to 15 lines, then give each line a bet stake between 0. There are 26 different bet options, meaning 390 different line and bet combination. This allows for a minimum bet of 0.

Bombs Away

Whilst many slot games are very similar in nature – it’s fair to say that Cubis slot machine is absolutely unique. Pay lines are very different as they can be clumps or lines and require 4-10 symbols to win a prize. The bonuses are also very unique with the Line, Square and Nucleur bombs adding a totally different level of excitement – so bombs away!