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The slot machines that we see today are much more technologically advanced than the slot machines available a few decades earlier. The slot machines in olden days were primitive and were simple mechanical instruments that had some revolving wheels and not the complex instruments that can be seen in casinos today.
Slot Machines in Olden Times

They were often referred to as the 1-armed bandit as they had a lever which when pulled sucked in your money. Slot machines have interested players worldwide due to their capacity to give out enormous payouts. No sound can be greater than the melody of coins pouring on the metal tray, continuously. It was like a mega-announcement that “You” had a big win. The moment was something all players have anxiously anticipated and awaited and relished it when it did happen.

Now-a-days however it’s become quite complex to comprehend these slot machines and the “pure passion” and “melody” players looked forward to has got lost in the hustle bustle of technology. In fact the very pleasure of the grand announcement to the entire world that you had won has become so “quiet” and “mundane” that it takes time to register that you have actually “won”. The fun element has sadly gone missing due to technological advancements.

During olden times people had nearly given up on slot machines as the whole play had got so mundane but today it is far from mundane. The game of slot machine has many variations and options that you can never tire from it. They have evolved to be similar to mini video games. They are enriched with side games, bonuses and many more such interesting features.

New-age Slot Machines

Now all casinos live or online, have replaced the redundant slot machines with brand new flashy and intriguing branded video games. All the renowned games like James Bond, Wheel of Fortune, Playboy, CSI, Adam’s family etc are now available in snazzier versions.

Just a few years back in 2003 WMX had introduced CPU-NXT the high-resolution graphics and superb film like quality animations to the world of gaming. It is not long before virtual slot machines would take over the world of casinos.