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Gladiator Games Slot Detail

Are you ready to enter the ring for pride and glory? Gladiator Games casino app’s you hearken back to Roman times as you get your gladiator ready for battle in an exciting video bonus round.
Gladiator Games is a five-reel, 30-payline slot that features a Roman theme. A scatter coin symbol on the reels will increase the total in the trophy chest, which players can win in a duel. As the game is played, a gladiator on the screen begins to assemble the four things he will need for battle: a helmet, armor, a sword and a shield. Once the gladiator has all four items, a fight in the Gladiator Arena begins. The player can choose between three different battle tactics: Attack, charisma and defense. And the battle can take place in one of three different arenas.

When the player wins the battle, they claim the trophy bonus along with an additional bonus based on how much the crowd enjoyed the show. If the player loses, the trophy bonus is reset to zero.

Another feature unique to Gladiator Games slot games wild symbol. When the lion cage symbol appears, every lion symbol in the reels becomes a wild symbol and substitutes for any other symbol on a payline.

Gladiator Games features great combat scenes and the potential for a big payout when the gladiator does well in battle. Get in the ring and may the best gladiator win!