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Golden Dynasty Slot Detail

Golden Dynasty Spinomenal Review

Interested in accumulating golden riches? Golden Dynasty mobile slot online has got you covered. The game takes you down memory lane as it unravels the mystic nature of the Chinese traditions. When you play Golden Dynasty slot machine online, you get to have a feel of the ancient themes that include temple treasures.

Any casino online gaming experience is as good as its visuals and soundtrack. Golden Dynasty does not disappoint thanks to its electrifying soundtrack and great visuals. Slot symbols for this game include bears, gold monkeys, man, and girl.

The perceived Chinese theme of dynasties is effectively manifested through the man and girl. Golden Dynasty is neatly woven thriller full with all playing cards: king, queen, ace, jack and ten.

Play Golden Dynasty for Real Money

The game has a very flexible wagering system with a minimum of . As you play Golden Dynasty bonus online, you realize that the icons are themed to give you an indication that good fortunes rule the pay table.

The golden symbols, especially for the monkey, imply a higher rating as opposed to their regular counterparts. The first scenario gives you a rare chance of winning a maximum jackpot of 600 coins with a 5X multiplier. The regular one earns you up to 400 coins also with a multiplier of 5x. Alternatively, use the Wild icon in the place of any other unavailable coin, apart from the scatter. Better still, you select a coin size that ranges from . It features a return to player (RTP) of 97.

How to Get the Most out of the Pokie

The user-friendly design of this game partners with you as you amass marvellous rewards! Just take advantage of the following tips and see as big wins locate you.

Lucky Envelope – everybody needs a little bit of luck, don’t they? Golden Dynasty online icons that must entirely fill up 3 reels at the centre before being awarded 20 free spins.

Dragon – according to the Chinese traditions, the mighty Dragon is known to bring good fortunes. That is why the mighty beast plays the role of the Wild icon, matching every other icon save for the Lucky Envelope and Lantern.

Lantern – Chinese are generally known for great inventions in almost every sector. This feature of the Lantern is a perfect replica of their creativity. This feature is entrusted with the task of ensuring that the player gets awesome bonuses. Whenever you fill up the 4th and 5th reels with these Lanterns, the bonus game is automatically activated.

By selecting the on-screen lanterns, you get significant additional picks or coins depending on the outcome of the spin in Golden Dynasty. The scatter icons here are unique with full bonuses and free spins which are not required to appear on the real pay line for a win.

Final Thought

Spinomenal has ensured that you have an incredible time when you play their production for real money. There is a massive payout which accompanies multiple wilds in the game’s pay line. However, you may as well start with the game’s trial version which is still interesting. But if you are interested in the ultimate experience, go for the real deal.

When you play Golden Dynasty slot machine online, you can start betting with a minimum of . With the bonus features, you can win up to 600 coins. The graphics and visuals are just a few other features that make this slot game stand out from other casino online slots.