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Halloween Horrors

Halloween Horrors Slot Detail

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word Halloween was first mentioned in the 16-th century as a Scottish abbreviation of the English phrase All-Hallows-Even, in Scottish reads how Helluvin. So, that time the night before the Day of all the saints was called so. Although the phrase All Hallows can be found even in Old English. The phrase All-Hallows-Even does not occur in written sources until the year 1556. The British provider that was founded in 2002 (1X2gaming) has made a pumpkin-themed video slot and in the virtual casinos, all curious gamblers can find it by the name Halloween Horrors slot. Using in the practice-mode this slot machine does not order anybody to be stable in London, give away to the machine real money, wait for downloading or passing the registration.
Breathtaking slot game’s walk path

There are no borders. The background is caressing the eyes of Freddy Kruger’s and horror movie fans in general – on the light-marshy terrible night sky, there is a very large light beige-terracotta moon, which absolutely does not illuminate a dead dotted with bats hanging upside-down tree, a tombstone and grass. Over the first reel, there is a large angry smiling pumpkin-head.

Over the last one, there are two a little bit smaller than previous ones, but no less horrible. Between them, there is an orange-red, seemed to be painted with real blood title Halloween Horrors. By left and right sides of reels are tiny angry pumpkins that show the number of the line.
Coins (has exactly the same arrows-regulators)
a blue Auto bet (an automatical reel scrolling)
a rounded grassy Spin with ^ (vertical arrows)
a red Maxbet
Coin Value (has similar regulators as Coins)
a carrots-honey Paytable
a light-blue Show Winlines
Reset bets and a triplet with dark-grey buttons: settings, mute and ?

Next information features the complete description of the standard symbols set in Halloween Horrors Slot: the green cards signs from J to A (look as the leaking paint or the zombies’ snot/brains)
in the upper part of the light-brown trunk of a dead tree, oval eyes without a pupil and around, horrible mouth are cut out
a strangely looking with disheveled short hair a green zombie man with blue bulging eyeballs, a failed nose, and terrible teeth, grinning in a smile
a black pointed witch hat with a red strap at the base
a white ghost resembling a malicious shark
ahead of a reddish-pink bat with nasty vampire fangs and a horrible snout, and ahead of a dark-grey cat with light-blue strange eyes and tiny rosy nose.

Halloween Halloween Horrors mobile slot�s weird bonus rounds

The angry cut out of an orange pumpkin portrait is the wild of Halloween Horrors Slots. Horrible Free Spins will be allowed to play if the 3 angry light-beige skulls appear down the reels. The more Beige skulls, the more free reels promotions. The greenish-marshy cracked on the left side gravestone with a small cross and malicious expression is an extra special icon.