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Hawaii Cocktails

Hawaii Cocktails Slot Detail

About Hawaii Cocktails Slot

Hawaii. One word, one place, but thousands of undertones. Hawaii is one of the brightest sea resorts around the globe, which attracts a great bunch of surfers, pleasure seekers, sun lovers and blue water swimmers. So no wonder slot industry, more specifically in the face of SoftSwiss, found inspiration within this American destination. And SoftSwiss offer to meet Hawaiian Cocktails, a slot game with unique designing and a good load of positive for the summer. The machine represents a collective picture of the beloved culture where a fine mixture of culinary, authentic vibes and Hawaiian attributes are gathered in one spot to deliver the best of placid gambling. On the layout, Hawaiian Cocktails incorporates both traditional and contemporary features – on the one side, casino players are joining the modern classics in the form of 5-reeled, 3-rowed gaming panel while on the other side Scatters and Wildcards are going to burst the drums with unexpected turns. Well, Hawaiian Cocktails is a well-balanced offering that would come quite suitable in case there’s little summer atmosphere in online casinos and gamblers need to let go. SoftSwiss have done their best to develop the game in the most pleasant way and didn’t forget to take a few moments to elaborate on graphics – as a result, Hawaiian Cocktails comes across as a shining gem with sandy-palmy animation, attracting eyes with its simultaneous simplicity and complexity. And some handsome bonuses are also included to your gaming bill.

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Interesting features

Some gambling masters might find Hawaiian Cocktails slightly boring when it comes to looking at the bonus line-up. Indeed, SoftSwiss are rarely seen to diversify their gaming products to the mat because the developer admits beauty in minimalistic tones. Basically, Hawaiian Cocktails slot is a game with just two features on offer bonus freespins with a couple additions and standard Wildcards with a classic range of functions. But honestly speaking, Hawaiian Cocktails zooms in on quality of these additionalities – one feature here is able to replace three ones in terms of potentiality. So, the question arises: what’s better to have a plenty and fruitless or simply a few but highly profitable?

WILD COCONUTS. An indispensable component of Hawaiian culture is a coconut, even if it sounds too vague. Hawaiian Cocktails also places coconuts in the spotlight and powers them with a special mission to carry Wild replacing. A Wildcards is a dedicated symbol with the largest payout value which aids to complete combinations of matching symbols. When a Wild joins a winning pattern, the latter gets extended by the number of the Wilds and as a result brings greater rewarding. Nothing new, though, but one cannot deny the amount of real money capacity around this base-game feature.

Look out for Calibri symbols that are in authority for freespins. This bonus course is also in the section of ‘nothing new’, but Hawaiian Cocktails borrows the appearance of the famous feature and at the same time changes the rules. Overall, gamblers again have to collect a series of three or more Calibri icons to roll in the bonus and spin for free. The number of Scatters has no significance – players will always be awarded with 10 rounds, having a special feature within. Cocktail Only’ sign means the whole set of spins is going to be played through with a double boost on every win. So, this addition allows to grab 50’000 coins at once which is, by the way, the leading jackpot in Hawaiian Cocktails slots.

How to play

Newcomers to the world of slots can have some difficulties with taming Hawaiian Cocktails, so sharks of gambling can go on to the next section while unexperienced raws had better learn the basics of controlling a slot machine. Hawaiian Cocktails provides all-at-one-place panels one of which contains informations about rules, paytable and bonuses whereas the second panel houses buttons to change values.

    To activate the drums use the big green button in the middle of the panel. This is ‘Spin’ option with a manual fashion meaning you have to repeatedly press for the same button to get reels going. To active the drums in an automatic mode use ‘Auto Spins’ grey button next to ‘Spin’ (to the right). Hawaiian Cocktails will open the info panel where you can set the spins and select the number of preset rounds. The win-lines are adjustable and players are allowed to change the value in the range from 1 to 9. Find ‘Line Count’ button with two side arrows and click on them to regulate the paylines. Finally, in order to set a suitable bet one needs to find the outmost button (to the right) with two side arrows. Bet Value’ helps to choose the value, but note that the value is multiplied by the number of win-lines.

Rules and features

Just as you are comfortable with settings and come up with all the values, it’s high time to get into rules. Hawaiian Cocktails slot machine is no puzzle when it comes to learning the rules. To begin with, players select bets and win-lines: the stakes range from 0.
Generally, a win-line is a string on the grid where you specifically have to gather matching symbols. When an array of in-game icons line up and land on a win-line, Hawaiian Cocktails counts the number of these matches and rewards accordingly. The paytable keep tabs on all symbols and their financial aspects. Hawaiian Cocktails slot’s paytable consists of one Wildcard (the highest in value symbol), one Scatter (pays outside win-lines), 5 mid-win symbols with pictures and 6 low-win symbols with card characters. Gamblers are also supplied with two features: replacers and freespins. Both features are activated with the respective symbols.


To draw a final line about Hawaiian Cocktails slots game, it’s hard not to mention that the machine is incredibly colourful and attractive. Even without an extensive bonus policy, the game remains catchy. So, don’t act like a bonus addict and try to see pictures. By and large, Hawaiian Cocktails by SoftSwiss has guts to compete even with titans.

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