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If you’ve yet to play Immortal Romance, then you’re in for a real treat! This vampire-themed slots game has been created by Microgaming, one of the leading developers of online slots, and they’re also credited with creating the first ever online casino back in 1994. Nowadays, the company is acknowledged to be one of the best-known and most well-respected creators of online games, with the added bonus that all of their slots games are designed to work seamlessly across all devices, from desktop PC and laptop to mobile and tablet.

Game on the Go

Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go, you can enjoy playing Immortal Romance slot machine anywhere that you have an internet connection, so you can catch up with Immortal Romance’s gorgeous graphics, immersive gameplay and impressive soundtrack no matter where you happen to find yourself. And rest assured, once you’ve sampled the delights of this thrilling and beautifully crafted online slots game, you’ll be wanting to play it at every opportunity. Yes, it really is that good!

A Tale of Forbidden Love

With a theme based on the ever-popular vampire genre, Immortal Romance takes its inspiration from a veritable host of sources, including the eternally-popular Dracula stories and films. The recent spate of romantic vampire novels, movies and TV shows, including Twilight and True Blood have helped to fuel interest in a genre that’s never really gone out of fashion since Bram Stoker first put pen to paper to describe the exploits of his eponymous hero, Count Dracula.

A Universal Theme

This is a genre that captures the interest of just about everyone, since it contains important and relevant themes that affect most of us at some time or another, such as romance and the fear of death. The desire for immortality is something that has inspired mankind for centuries, and the vampire legend confronts our fears and desires head on, daring us to immerse ourselves in a world where love never dies. The warmth of everlasting love is tempered with the dark side that accompanies immortality, not least the need to consume human blood – at once thrilling, dark and ultimately forbidden.

Immortal Romance – The Experience

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to online slots games, or a seasoned player, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained while playing Immortal Romance. From the opening screen, you know that you’re in for a real treat, as the stage is set for the story of a love that knows no bounds.

Beautiful Baroque Graphics

The game opens to reveal a large room inside a gothic castle. You can just make out arched windows behind the reels, which remain visible as the symbols spin. The sides of the playing area are richly decorated in fine metalwork, beautifully embellished and decorated. Just visible at the top of the playing area is a gargoyle figure and a stone angel, reminiscent of a graveyard scene, reminding us that the game is based around death and the promise of cheating it by achieving eternal life.

The game’s title is depicted above the reels in highly polished silver, and it sparkles and shines with reflected light. Within the lettering, you can see a splash of red, reminding us of the blood that fuels a vampire’s eternal life. Further in the background, dust motes float in the fading light of day. Darkness is drawing in – are you brave enough to see what it will bring?

Get to Know the Game’s Characters

If you’re going to reap the maximum amount of enjoyment from playing Immortal Romance, it helps to understand the characters that you see depicted on the reels. This isn’t completely necessary if you’re just playing the game to experience the fun and excitement that the gameplay and added bonus features bring, but this is such a well-crafted and interesting game, that it really helps to understand the background stories of the characters involved. If this really doesn’t interest you, then by all means skip to the How To Play section, but if your interest is piqued by the beautiful young men and women that you see staring back at you from the reels, then this next section is something that you’ll enjoy.

Let’s play Immortal Romance

The game makes use of a fairly traditional format, with five reels, each displaying three symbols. These include the often-used playing cards, in this case the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all depicted as made from metal, with elegant filigree tracings as decoration. Each of the court cards contains a further detail to enhance the storyline – the Jack includes a ring, the Queen an ancient text, the King a pocket watch, while the Ace symbol features Sarah’s blood-red, heart-shaped locket.

High-Paying Symbols

The four characters of the story also appear on the reels, and when they feature in a winning line, they animate slightly as an extra feature that helps to draw you into the game. Other symbols include a view of the university building, which is depicted here as a gothic mansion, and when it features on a winning payline, it’s lit by flashes of lightning, while the lights inside flicker on and off. There’s also a room in the library, with a handwritten scroll next to a guttering candle and a glass of red liquid that might be wine – or could it be blood, perhaps?

Special Symbols

No self-respecting online slots game should be without a Wild symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, creating a win where it wouldn’t otherwise have occurred. For Immortal Romance, the Wild symbol is the game’s title, once again depicted in highly-polished silver, with its two blood-red hearts set within the script.

There’s also a Scatter symbol, which takes the form of a lion’s head door knocker. When three or more Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, they trigger a bonus feature. If the first Scatter lands on the first, second or third reel, where it could potentially lead to the bonus round, it’s accompanied by a heavy ‘thump’ sound, as is the next one. The remaining reels then go into ‘turbo-charged’ mode, spinning super-fast, as the tension mounts – will a third Scatter appear to take you on to the excitement of the bonus rounds? Even if you don’t manage to gain entry to the Chamber of the Spins this time, you’ll still benefit from a Scatter multiplier with just two Scatters appearing anywhere on the reels.

Game Instructions

Rather than offering the player a choice of paylines, Immortal Romance mobile slot features 243 ways to win for each and every game that you play, leaving you with one less decision to make. A winning line requires three or more matching symbols to appear on consecutive reels, with the first symbol appearing on the leftmost reel in order to be valid. The Wild Immortal Romance symbol can substitute for any other symbol, apart from the Scatter, so even if you don’t achieve the correct number of consecutive images, a well-placed Wild could still put you in the money. Even better, when a Wild symbol completes a winning line, the payout is doubled for that line, so it’s good to see that it crops up across the reels with such frequency. You can also score a winning line made up of just Wilds, although there’s no multiplier effect when this happens.

Game Controls

Starting from the left-hand side of your player console, you choose the coin that you would like to play with – either 1p or 2p. All bets are multiplied by 30, and you have the option of choosing how many coins you would like to play, varying from 1 to 10. So if you choose to bet one coin of 1p, you’re actually playing with 30 pence for each spin of the reels. Choose to play 2p across 10 coins, however, and you have a maximum wager for each spin of £6, so you can define your playing amount according to how lucky you are feeling.

Once you’re happy with your wager, all you need to do is hit the Spin button, set the reels in motion and wait to see where they’ll stop. And for some online slots games, this is as far as they go. But with Immortal Romance online there’s a story to be told, and that can’t be done without the aid of some extra features.

Wild Desire Bonus

Immortal Romance features a bonus Wild Desire round, but with this bonus feature, there’s nothing that you have to do or achieve to trigger it. The feature triggers itself randomly throughout your gaming session, and as well as looking spectacular, it offers you the chance to increase your prize pot, sometimes quite dramatically.

Wild Reels Trigger Big Wins

The first clue you get that this is not just an ordinary spin of the reels is when the reels seem to spin for longer than normal. Just as you are expecting them to slow down and stop, they suddenly go up a gear, spinning wildly, faster and faster, until they’re just a blur across your screen. One or more reels then disappears in a flash of light as a spell is cast, landing at the bottom of the reel. As smoke curls upwards, a tracery of blood forms the letter W I L D in a vertical line, dripping blood as it goes, and the entire column becomes a Wild.

Depending on how many columns turn Wild, and what other symbols appear on the reels – with the exception of the Scatter and usual Wild, which don’t appear in the Wild Desire bonus round – your winnings could be dramatically increased in the Wild Desire Bonus.

Chamber of Spins Free Spins Bonus

When three or more Scatters appear across the reels, in any position, you gain entry to the Chamber of Spins, where you eventually have the choice of four bonus games, one for each character in the game. However, these bonus rounds must be earned, so you’ll unlock the different bonuses as you go.

Available From # of Free Spins Special Feature
Amber 1st bonus trigger 10 Retriggers available
Troy 6th bonus trigger 15 Up to 6x multipliers
Michael 11th bonus trigger 20 Cascading reels
Sarah 16th bonus feature 25 Up to 14 symbols can turn wild, retriggers available

Amber’s Bonus

Amber’s Bonus Round. Here you are awarded a total of 10 Free Spins, with a 5x multiplier that could result in significant wins, depending on how the reels land. During your spins, the Scatters remain active, so it’s possible to trigger further Free Spins during the feature, although this does not occur in every character’s bonus round. Once the bonus has been triggered 5 times, further feature games in the Chamber of Spins become available to you.

Troy’s Bonus

Next comes Troy’s Vampire Bat Bonus Round. Here, you receive 15 free spins, where each and every win triggers the Vampire Bat, which turns random symbols across the reels into multipliers, offering up to 6x multipliers on any win in which they feature. Meanwhile, a host of bats flutter and swoop above the playing area, which has now shifted to a rather spooky graveyard scene.

Michael’s Bonus

Trigger the Chamber of Spins bonus feature 10 times, and you can access Michael’s Rolling Reels feature, which can scoop you impressive winnings, thanks to the way it operates. With 20 free spins now available, the stakes increase dramatically, as all symbols that feature in a winning line collapse down and disappear, allowing the surrounding symbols to drop down into their place. Any further wins that result from this process now also collapse, with the potential for major wins to take place, as each win raises an inbuilt multiplier by 1x, up to a maximum of 5x. Once a winning streak ends, the multiplier reverts back to 1x, ready for your next winning streak within the bonus.

Sarah’s Bonus

Finally, after you have triggered the Chamber of Spins feature a total of 15 times, you are given access to Sarah’s Wild Vine Bonus Round. Now you will receive a generous 25 free spins, during which the Wild Vine can appear on the third reel, growing upwards and winding its way towards the top of the playing area. When this occurs, up to 14 of the regular symbols can change to become Wilds, leading to an increase in your prize pot. Look out for the Scatters too, as when 2,3,4 or 5 of them appear across the reels, they bring in their wake 1,2,3 or 4 extra free spins accordingly.

RTP for Immortal Romance

According to Microgaming the RTP for Immortal Romance is within the range 96. This is almost certainly down to the many options that a player has for the bonus rounds. The variables involved across the different combinations of free spins and multipliers, as well as the unique features involved in each character’s bonus round, can affect a player’s overall outcome significantly, so it’s impossible to calculate a one-size-fits-all RTP for overall play.

How Volatility Affects the Gameplay

Select Michael’s Rolling Reels bonus feature, for example, and you can expect to be on the receiving end of frequent but low-value wins, whereas Amber’s free spins, which includes a 5x multiplier, offers higher, but less frequent financial rewards. Sarah’s and Troy’s bonus rounds fall somewhere in the middle, so the player’s choices throughout the game will affect their final outcome.

Other Games You Might Enjoy

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The original Thunderstruck online slots game was released by Microgaming back in 2004 to instant acclaim. In 2010, the company announced the imminent arrival of a sequel, and it doesn’t disappoint – the developers have taken all the best aspects of the original Thunderstruck game and added a host of new and exciting features to make it even more compelling and fun to play.

There are a few similarities to Immortal Romance, not least the fact that it’s been created by the same company, and Microgaming is a games developer with a huge fanbase, thanks to its dedication to creating great online slots games titles with plenty of extra features that add to their overall playability. Just like Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck 2 features five reels with 243 fixed paylines, giving you plenty of opportunity to hit a winning streak. Also like Immortal Romance, you can access four great bonus rounds too.

Microgaming has pioneered the use of innovative features within online slots games, such as the Paytable Achievement award, which sees the player’s symbols turn to gold once they’ve achieved every winning combination of that symbol. This is a feature that’s surprised and delighted legions of fans while playing Immortal Romance, and it’s used to good effect in this game too, as you battle with the old Norse gods.

The Finer Reels Of Life

Another title from Microgaming, The Finer Reels Of Life may not have the compelling storyline of Immortal Romance, but it presents the keen slots player with a cool and sophisticated gaming experience that celebrates luxury in its many forms. From your rooftop vantage point, complete with swimming pool, you sample the delights of cigars, whisky, champagne and the finest chocolates, while collecting cash rewards if your luck’s in.

Scatters bring the potential to award you Finer Features, with the promise of added-value bonus rounds, such as Whisky and Cigars, which delivers 20 free spins, complete with burning Wilds, and Wine and Cheese, with 15 free spins and a Wild Wine feature.

Keep an eye out too, for other great titles, such as: Lucky Koi, Playboy, and Mystic Dreams, all of which offer great playability along with a generous helping of fun and entertainment.

Disclaimer: Immortal Romance trademark / license is owned by Microgaming.