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Inspector Slot Detail

Inspector Gadget Slot Machine

We’ve seen some great licensed video slots released by Blueprint Gaming recently, and their latest Inspector slot review has to take the cake. Based on the classic cartoon from the 1980s, this slot features the original artwork and characters to create an action-packed and engaging online casino game with a bit of slapstick thrown in.

During the game, you’ll help save the clumsy but lovable Inspector Gadget from himself and complete his mission to reveal huge wins. Along the way, you’ll be met with a multitude of captivating and on-theme bonus features – we’re talking free spins, stacked wilds, multipliers, money bonuses and more. Just like in the original cartoon when Inspector Gadget would reveal numerous gadgets from within his trench coat, the video slot will continue to surprise you with its generous offering of bonus features to keep you on your toes and eager to play more.

Available to play across all your gadgets (desktop, mobile and tablet), Inspector mobile slot Gadget is bound to become a new favorite to play on the go. Its many features and fun, nostalgic theme make it seem like you’re playing a regular video game – but with the possibility to win real money. If you love to please your inner child and try your luck at a big prize while you’re at it, we highly recommend this masterpiece from Blueprint Gaming. Read our review to learn more about the game, then give it a whirl yourself to see if we’re right.

The Inspector Gadget We All Know and Love

Slot provider Blueprint Gaming has definitely got a thing for licensed slots, and this is a category it tends to excel in. It’s clear that the team has had a lot of fun creating such slots like the shagadelic Austin Powers and Ted, the potty-mouthed stuffed bear who came to life. There’s something to be said for the sense of nostalgia and entertainment that comes with these themed slots, and when recreated well on this platform, it’s easy to see why the games become so popular.

Inspector online slot Gadget has been beautifully designed using the original cartoon style, and it is a welcome addition to the Blueprint Gaming portfolio. During gameplay, you’ll come across loads of familiar symbols such as Inspector Gadget himself, fizzing bombs, handcuffs, machine cogs, and top-secret files among others. The background music that plays is also on theme and will help take your mind right back to the early 80s, when the original cartoon was in its prime.

However, the element that is most fitting to the theme is the ‘gadgets’, or rather, the bonus features and modifiers that continually pop up throughout the game. After all, Inspector Gadget was always known for whipping out various gadgets to help solve a problem, so it’s apt that this slot game does the same to help you win big.

Gadgets and Bonuses Galore

On the surface, Inspector Gadget is a three-row, five-reel, 20-payline slot game. But as you continue playing, you’ll soon see just how easily things can change. During normal gameplay, you’ll sometimes see a phone which starts ringing during a spin. This won’t happen every time –but if it does, and Inspector Gadget appears and answers the phone, he’ll trigger one of five Go Go Gadget modifier features. These aren’t bonus rounds themselves, but additions to the reels to help give you more chances to win.

Furthermore, when any of the modifiers are in play, you could see the slot machine expand to seven rows high, taking the number of paylines up from 20 to 50. Sometimes you might also see a mallet appear on the reels to turn a non-win into a winning payline. Other times you might see Chief Quimby land on a safe that will explode to uncover a win.

When Inspector Gadget appears, any of the five Go Go Gadget modifiers can be triggered. The Mission Gadget Wilds feature will generate extra wilds across the reels to help complete your paylines. There’s also the Mission Penny Stacked Wilds feature, which will see wilds stack along a reel. If triggered, the Mission Mystery Brain feature will throw mystery brain symbols onto the reels which, depending on where they land, will transform into any other symbol than the scatter.

You might even unlock the Mission Colossal Symbols feature, which sees a colossal symbol appear on several reels to achieve colossal wins. Finally, there’s the Mission M. A.D. Speaking of the main bonus features, these can be triggered by finding three scatter symbols anywhere along the reels.

There are five different features to unlock, beginning with the Safe Heist Bonus. This is a pick-me round that sees you choose from a range of safes to win prizes concealed within. Other features include Dr Claw’s M. A.D.
the Every Penny Counts Free Spins feature
M.A. D. Money Bonus feature, which will reveal a generous coin bonus. It’s safe to say that the bonus features are both exciting and plentiful. Whichever one you unlock, these could help you take your prize to the next level.

Play as You Like

With so many different elements involved in the Inspector Gadget slot, it’s almost as interactive as a regular video game. The great thing about this free online slot machine is that you can test it out by playing with online credit before you make a deposit and start playing for real money. This will let you get a feel and a better understanding of how the different bonus features work without costing you anything.

We don’t think you’ll want to play for free for too long, though, since it’s much more fun to reel in those wins when they convert to real money. Once you’re ready to start betting with real cash, you can place a bet from as low as 0. Obviously, the more you wager the more you can win, but there’s no harm in starting slow and easing yourself into the game with a lower bet.


Whether or not you’re familiar with the original cartoon this thrilling video slot is based on, there is plenty to love about the new Inspector Gadget slot from Blueprint Gaming. Staying true to its iconic theme, the game is full of surprises which will pop up throughout the gameplay to help you achieve bigger and more frequent wins. Try the game for free to get a feel for the cogs, or take it for a real spin with real money to reap those prizes. Either way, it’s definitely a game to try, and it gets the big tick of approval from us.