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Part of many slot machines now is the ability to gamble your recent earnings, and with Sevens Kraze you get two ways to do this: there’s a card game and then a trail by ladder.

land a higher number each time.

If you’ve been with Merkur for a long time, you’ll know that these options rarely change in layout or appearance, though there’s some exceptions to the rule, like in Pharos 2. Therefore you’ll be able to adapt quickly to each situation that arises, not that it’ll help you ‘beat’ the rounds, for luck has a lot to do with it. Should your luck come in though, you could be up to 140 coins richer than when you started.

Ten a Penny

Sevens Kraze has the opportunity to be reduced in size, thanks to its flexible winlines
This does tend to increase the volatility though, so caution should be applied when playing.

This design trait is one of the best things about this slot, for it has a broader sense of mobility and engagement. That being said, it does affect the size of your bet. Normally, Merkur has a fixed rate, so when you see 0. Sevens Kraze it’s 0. Either way, and even should you misunderstand your betting threshold, the rate to play is still more than reasonable.

You’re a Star

As the gamer, you can be the star of this show thanks to the free games symbol which, oh look, happens to be a shining multicoloured star. Two of them can be connected in order to form a win, starting from 0.

The beauty of the feature is in its basic nature: you win the rounds and then have the ability to win back more. There’s nothing else to it. Some of you out there will find this less than appealing, but it provides a brief break from base game functions, which is enough to generate continued entertainment.
some of you might be in disagreement once you’ve played the title for yourselves.

Krazy for You

We have to hand it to Sevens Kraze, not all retro slot machines have the presence and ability to go the distance like this one does
Then there’s the potential of the cash prizes, always at the whim of your betting amount, which is both a gift and a curse.

This isn’t going to compete with highly advanced slot machines from more modern thinking brands, but it’s not meant to in the first place. Its only job is to hold its own and create a comfortable gaming environment for you, the user. From what we’ve experienced personally, it seems to be doing that just fine.