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Jackpot 3X3 Slot Detail

Why the biggest prize in casino is called ”jackpot”? To answer this question we need to go deeper into the history of poker. In the 19th century one of the types of poker games was won by the one, who was the first to receive a ”pair of Jacks”, and quite often the winner took the entire bank. In the future, a ”pair of Jacks” became one of the most desirable combinations. The concept gained popularity and went far beyond poker, it began to denote a big jackpot, a win. Then the word ”Jackpot” appeared.
X2gaming” provider performed a Jackpot 3×3 video slot. In the tutorial-mode, the slot machine can be played without ”real money” or ”download” and even ”registration”.

Slot game’s process is very unusual

It is a very different kind of online gambling. The background is dark as a deep winter night on the North. There are nine multicolored (a bright-bloody, an olive, a light-peach, a bright-violet, a fresh-orange, a deep-green, a light-golden, a green-bluish and a burgundy) oblong panels, which are marked like ”3X Pays A Prize” and located in 3 columns. Over them is a very long oblong black panel that is framed with a bright-red thin border. This panel shows with tiny white squares the positions of winning lines.

And in the middle of it, there is a red oval that has on itself Jackpot 3×3 Slot’s logo: white circular ”Jackpot” is placed on the large yellow straight written ”3×3”. Close to the end of this improvised ”paytable”, there is a snow-white icon of ”fullscreen” option.

Under the multicolored reels-panels, there are such buttons: a long red rectangle ”Clear Stake”
a red badge with ”0,01”
a mandarin from below with ”0,10”
a blue jellyfish from above with ”0,25”
a top of a lilac cylinder with ”0,50”
a green leprechaun hat with ”1”
Place Bet” that is placed oppositely the ”Clear Stake” button.

The information about current parameters of Jackpot 3×3 Slot’s game is there as ”Stake”, ”Total Stake” and ”Win” are visible over the previously noted buttons. The ”Balance” panel is located on the ”floor”, and enough aside of it, from the left edge, there is a duet of dark buttons, which look like a ”couple of music notes” and ”mute”-icon.

The ”playing/paying” pictures are multicolored: squares
polygons with eight corners
The lower value has a burgundy square and the biggest one is owned by a reddish-orange space. The ”RTP” is quite impressive – 98,10%!

Bonus rounds in Jackpot 3×3 Slot

On the first (top) panel-line will be ”1”, ”2”, ”3”, ”4”, ”5”, ”6”, ”7” and ”8”. The biggest prize that gambler may win here is ”40,00” coins.
On the second (middle) panel-line of Jackpot 3×3 Slot will appear ”1”, ”2”, ”3”, ”5”, ”10”, ”15”, ”20”, ”30”. On this line, the gambler can win ”150,00” coins.
On the third (bottom) panel-line, numbers ”1”, ”2”, ”5”, ”10”, ”25”, ”50”, ”100” and ”500” can be ”laying”. Here can be won the ”2500,00” coins!

It is enough pleasant variant of the good pastime not only for the gamblers from Las Vegas, but the whole world.