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Jesters Follies

Jesters Follies Slot Detail

Let Them Entertain You

Jesters used to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment so tonight take a trip to the circus and be prepared to immerse yourself in a blast from the past.

And there’s plenty to keep your attention firmly fixed on the stage
You’ll be entertained like royalty from the days of yore with juggling clubs, an accordion, juggling balls, a lute, a jester and a monkey dressed up in medieval clothing.

With such a diverse range of symbols on the reels you’ll soon get an idea of what Britain’s Got Talent may have looked like in the past.

The background offers the perfect setting for the reels, with a pair of red velvet curtains drawn back and framing the stage, on which the game board nestles.

All that remains for you to do is to settle back and get ready to enjoy the show – and spin a reel or two of course.

Funny Money

The jester may be trying to make you laugh but you’ll be smiling even more if you manage to win lots of money.

There are 5 reels in this game with a total of 10 fixed paylines. You can however amend the value of the coin from 0. This provides a total min bet of 0. To save you scrolling through the options, if you want to play at the highest level you can simply choose Max Bet on-screen. This automatically cranks up the bet to the top limit.

The paytable is interactive and will respond to the current level of bet selected. This is a helpful tool when you’re trying to assess the right stake to play with that’s right for your budget.

You’ll need to match at least three symbols along any payline in order to get a prize. The more symbols you match, the more you’ll win. Matching five symbols will give you the biggest payout, although all the symbols vary in value. The specific jester-related images are generally worth more, with the letters representing the playing cards at the lower end of the paytable.

The volatility of Jester’s Follies is low to medium so you can expect low wins to appear fairly regularly. The overall theoretical RTP has been recorded at a reasonable 96.

All Smiles

Unlike some other slots in the market, there’s not a great deal of features on this game but you will get a bit of help to win.

There’s no multipliers, free spins or bonus rounds but there is a wild which can help you to line up winning combinations much more easily.

Another major benefit is the inclusion of the Gamble feature. This allows players to chance their luck at a high-risk game in return for the possibility of doubling their money. Of course, if you don’t win the gamble you’ll lose the prize you’ve just won so whether you decide to give it a go is entirely your decision.

On Jester’s Follies, rather unusually, you’ll have the choice of two separate gamble features and this might help you decide whether or not you want o give it a go! As well as the more customary card game there’s also a ladder gamble, to win this you’ll need to click on the button when it reaches the high spot on the rungs – and that’s more difficult than it sounds!

More Fun Than Folly

Jester’s Follies is an online video slot from Merkur which provides a glimpse into the world of entertainment, medieval style. Experience the opulence of a visit to a royal circus with an entry level game of slots that any individual can have a go at playing.