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Is there a more iconic symbol of the 1950s than the jukebox? These record-playing machines were ubiquitous, found in any and every bar across the country. The Jukebox 10,000 video slot is a fresh-faced online slot game developed by SkillOnNet, which is built on nostalgia that’s brought about by the much-loved music machine and creates a vintage online slot game with it. It even comes complete with unique atmosphere and a bumper jackpot.
If you fancy a trip down memory lane, or want to see for yourself what this timeless music device is capable of, then keep on reading to learn more about what the Jukebox 10,000 video slot has to offer.

Throw on a Record

Jukebox 10,000 takes players back to the 1950s as soon as it’s loaded up. We can tell by the large, boisterous jukebox taking centre stage and the flashy lights that the developers spent a lot of time and effort to create, helping form a realistic setting.

The jukebox is in front of a brick wall covered in black and white photos of athletes playing baseball and American football
American bar.

The background music is also straight out of the 1950s. When combined with the UI and graphical style of the game, Jukebox 10,000 offers the perfect atmosphere. It’s rare to find a real money online slots game in this genre that pulls this off so perfectly, so our hats are off to SkillOnNet for the effort.

10,000 in More Than Just Name

What’s great is that you can see the Jukebox 10,000 paytable whenever you want. It sits where a normal jukebox would have a song list. As you’d expect from an online slot, landing matching combinations of symbols is the name of the game in Jukebox 10,000. The symbols include vinyl records, electric guitars, music notes, microphones, gramophones, and trumpets.

The symbols on the lowest end of the paytable offer rewards for just one or two found on screen, but you need at least three of the higher paying symbols on an active payline to really win big. Combining three trumpets would offer a jackpot of 10,000x your bet, which is no small figure in anyone’s book.

Keep Things Focused

Retro games almost always have the drawback of a lack of modern special features like Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, and bonus games.

If you need those things to enjoy an online slots game, then maybe the free Jukebox 10,000 slot isn’t for you. Perhaps a more modern game from SkillOnNet such as Ghost Pirates would be a better choice.

If you’re ready and willing for something different from the crowd, then why not start out by taking a trip to the 1950s?

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From Jukebox to Jukepot

Jukebox 10,000 offers some simplistic and fast-paced real cash slots action players are sure to enjoy. If you’re looking for something similar after playing Jukebox 10,000 then there are several games to look out for.

Our own personal recommendation would be Jukepot by NextGen Gaming, as it matches Jukebox 10,000 as far as style goes and is worth a spin or two.

Try Jukebox 10,000 for Free Today!

Jukebox 10,000 comes with all the trimmings of a vintage online casino game, offering simple gameplay and a no-nonsense approach to paytables and rewards.

The atmosphere of the 1950s American sports bar is pulled off perfectly, even if the graphical elements are simple. Don’t expect Jukebox 10,000 to have spectacular animations, but it has more than enough to keep things looking fresh and entertaining.