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Legends Of The Seas

Legends Of The Seas Slot Detail

Legends of the Seas Introduction

Time to travel back in time, long before industry and modern technology, when powerful gods ruled the world. Just outside Rome, under the Tyrrhenian Sea, you will go deep until you meet one such deity: the mighty Neptune, god of the seas.

Legends of the Seas is a slot game by Greentube that allows you to spin the reels with a handsome and buffed Neptune. He is accompanied by a gorgeous mermaid, and together, they offer you an exciting opportunity to have fun and win big.

The slot plays with 5 reels, 4 rows with a total of 40 paylines. It has a medium volatility, which means winnings may vary from low to high, and also the frequency of payouts may vary considerably throughout the game. The game allows you to wager from € 0. This makes it ideal for high rollers and low rollers alike.

Legends of the Seas Game Features

Your aquatic adventure features a number of characters, including a dolphin, a seahorse, and a turtle. Together with these creatures, Neptune and the mermaid, you will explore the underwater paradise and have the opportunity to win big prizes.

To keep the game interesting, the developers have included several bonus features:

  • Neptune cluster feature
  • Free game trigger
  • Scatter symbols
  • Multipliers during free games
  • Gamble feature

All of these features can be activated randomly, such as the Neptune cluster feature or by landing on the right combination of symbols on the reel, as in the case of the free game trigger.

Legends Legends Of The Seas online slot and Bonuses

At any point during normal gameplay, the player might see Neptune suddenly slam his trident. This is a sign that the randomly-activated Neptune cluster feature has been activated. When this happens, a random symbol is chosen and the closest four to nine symbols are transformed into this same symbol.

As you spin the reels, give close attention to reels 2 and 4. If you land a Neptune scatter symbol on reel 2 and a mermaid scatter symbol on reel 4, you will activate the exciting free spins feature.

While this bonus is activated, a number of things can happen. For starters, you will receive 10 free spins, however, a number of other random features can also be unlocked. As the reels are spinning, you might suddenly see a random multiplier being added to the round.

This multiplier can range from 2x to 9x and is only valid for that particular spin.

Alternatively, you could see Neptune thudding his trident again, meaning another touching set of four to nine symbols will transform into one random symbol. If that doesn’t happen, perhaps you will see one of the reels suddenly changed into a wild reel. This can happen on reels 1, 2, 4 or 5. The final possibility is to have the Neptune and mermaid scatter symbol land on reel 3, giving you an additional two free spins.

The sheer number of random possibilities present in the game means you never really know what is going to happen next.

Legends of the Seas Payouts

The main game symbols are split between low level, medium level, and high level. Naturally, the higher the level of the symbol, the higher the payout will be. Getting three to five of each symbol on a winning payline rewards you with a prize, which is a percentage of your bet.

The payout levels are organised as follows:

  • Low-level symbols: minimum payout 25%, maximum payout 200%
  • Medium-level symbols: minimum payout 50%, maximum payout 300%
  • High-level symbols: minimum payout 100%, maximum payout 1,000%

With the game’s Gamble feature it is possible for higher rollers to take a chance to win massive prizes.

Legends of the Seas Graphics and Sound

Greentube has created a fantastic-looking slot which is both engaging and nice to look at. The designers have clearly spent a lot of time working on the little details, for example the realistic look of Neptune and the mermaid is breathtaking.

As you progress through the game, you will also get to see several animations that occur when a feature is activated. All of this is complemented by an inspirational soundtrack that keeps you pumped while playing.

Legends of the Seas Conclusion

Legends of the Seas certainly delivers in both presentation and gameplay. The game’s random features make it unpredictable and exciting, no matter how long you have been playing it for. No matter if you ever were a fan of mythology or not, this slot gives you an incredible opportunity to have fun and win big.