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Lucky Panda Slot Detail

Introduction to Lucky Panda H5

One of the best Toptrend Gaming slots online, Lucky Panda slot review H5 a colourful game. The graphics are beautiful and very clear with a strong Chinese theme. Big Panda online slot games are always popular, and Toptrend has its own in-house development team that lovingly builds its games.

Toptrend proudly boasts that it is the only company that knows how to magically blend graphics, sound and maths all together in one game. They have clearly put a lot of effort into making this game so visually appealing and also to distinguish it from other games that have a Chinese theme. The game is available at Slots Temple, where responsible gambling is supported.

Theme and Graphics

The main background is cream with a checked pattern (redolent of a Chinese screen) at either end of the reels. This is situated between wooden panels and it all sits on a bright red background. When playing, lotus petals blow across the screen whatever stage you are at.

The soundtrack is strong, with a Chinese undertone. When you hear it, you can just imagine yourself at a Chinese festival with dancers in traditional dress twirling their umbrellas. It doesn’t change significantly when you win.

Free Spins

If you get the Panda symbol, you get fifteen free spins. This free spins round is a special feature of the game. The Panda symbol can substitute for any symbol except the lucky Chinese coin.

Our Verdict

We enjoyed playing Lucky Panda slot H5, largely because we liked the graphics and looked forward to finding the hidden Panda, although finding it wasn’t easy. In fact, winning wasn’t easy at all. We had to play a lot to get even a small win.

Getting the bonuses wasn’t easy either, and we played and played. No, we didn’t play for hours, but we gave it a fair crack of the whip. Or a fair crack of the reel. It was a shame we didn’t win more, but that’s life.

Disclaimer: Lucky Panda H5 trademark / license is owned by Toptrend Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Toptrend Gaming.