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Magic Stars

Magic Stars Slot Detail

Magic Stars 5 Introduction

Magic Stars online slot 5 from Wazdan is a galaxy themed slot consisting of five reels, three rows and 20 total paylines. These stars that are high up in the sky are hiding unforeseen prizes that you could potentially win! The highlights in this game are in the symbol payouts as well as the gamble feature, which can be triggered frequently giving you the splendid opportunity to double your winnings.

You also get the chance to rise above the stars and witness a beauty not many get to witness. The animations in Magic Stars 5 are simple and yet incredible in conjunction with sound effects that bring together the entire theme flawlessly.

Magic Stars 5 Game Features

The scatter symbol is a multi-coloured star symbol with the word scatter written on the centre of it. Aside from the scatter, the rest of the symbols are represented with various coloured star symbols that shine and glisten in this game!

Magic Stars 5 Free Spins and Bonuses

Magic Stars bonus 5 from Wazdan doesn’t feature a free spins bonus game however it does have its signature gamble feature which does get triggered quite frequently. Once triggered, you can either collect your winnings, play the card gamble or the ladder gamble!

Card Gamble

If you choose to play the card gamble, then what you’ll need to do is choose which colour you think the next card will be. Will it be red or black? Once you’ve made your guess, if you made the correct guess then your winnings will double, and you can gamble again if you wish to. However, if you made the wrong guess, then you will lose your winnings and be brought back to the base game.

Ladder Gamble

If you choose to play the ladder gamble, you’ll be brought to a different scene where there is a ladder with many different values in between the steps. The higher up you move on the ladder, the more winnings you can win. The feature will come to an end if and when you go to the very bottom of the ladder while you also lose your winnings from that round.

Magic Stars 5 Payouts

The large red star symbol is the highest paying symbol rewarding you with up to 250x your total stake if you land five of a kind! The scatter symbol is the second highest paying symbol earning you up to 50x your total bet when you land five of a kind.

The yellow and green symbols are the next highest paying symbol rewarding you with up to 25x your total bet when you land five of a kind. The orange, purple, blue and darker green symbol are the lowest paying symbols rewarding you with 10x your total bet if you land five of a kind.

Magic Stars 5 Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound effects in Magic Stars slot review 5 will take you to a beautiful, magical galaxy far in outer space. The background of this galaxy is multicoloured with various shades of blue, purple, red and even some yellow. You will also see a ton of stars filling the sky, some that shine more than others.

The music in the background has a futuristic, space theme vibe to it which ties the entire theme of this game together seamlessly. Plus, when you spin the reels and land on winning combinations, other sounds effects will come into play adding an extra dimension to the sound effects in Magic Stars 5.

You can find the autoplay button to the left of the spin button, and if you are looking for the paytable, all you need to do is click on the tiny ‘I’ button that is at the very bottom left-hand corner of the play screen.

Magic Stars 5 Conclusion

Take a journey into outer space where you’ll get to witness galaxy after galaxy! It’s all about the gamble feature which offers two different paths you can take in order to potentially double your winnings – the two paths being either the card gamble or the ladder gamble. In the instance that you don’t want to double your winnings, you can always collect your winnings and move on in the game. The choice is completely yours to make!

Keep an eye out for the red star symbol as it’s the highest paying symbol rewarding you with up to 250x your total bet if you land five of them. Give Magic Stars 5 a try at Videoslots today!