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Mild Rockers Slot Detail

Are you ready to rock and roll? If you are, then you might want to take it down a notch before you play this game… Lightning Box Games have created some classics including RedRoo and Silver Lion and Mild Rockers slot is no exception. Mild Rockers by Lightning Box Games stays true to its name, delivering exactly the sort of experience you might expect from a slot with such a subdued headline – the ambiance here is built on gently strumming guitars, slow steady drum beats and an understated keyboard harmony. But that’s not to say there’s not a few surprises waiting to leap on to centre stage!
It’s certainly got the rock and roll look sorted though, the top paying symbols feature animated rockers and raving crowds. Even the generic symbols have been given unique stylings with the Queen (Q) sporting a studded leather choker and the King (K) light up with strobe lights. The background imagery is a deep purple coloured stadium with billowing dry ice and a shadowy crowd rocking out to the on-stage reels.

Once the curtains go up you’ll see exactly what’s brought in such a massive crowd as the game’s six reels position themselves in a diamond across the stage (reel height varies in a 3,4,5,5,4,3 formation). All those extra angles between symbols mean that Lightning Box have managed to cram in an impressive 80 paylines. What’s even more amazing is that you can play all 80 of those lines starting at just £0. How mad is that?

With a theoretical RTP (return to player) rate of 95. A relatively high volatility means that many of this game’s payouts are at the low end of the spectrum but also a good number of special feature occurrences trigger more profitable winning sums.

Top prize during Mild Rocker’s normal game mode stand at a whopping 1,250 times your stake when matching up purple-haired rock chicks across all six reels! Six of the next most valuable symbols – a long-haired guitar-wielding dude – bags you a still impressive, but not quite so gargantuan, 500 times your stake. It’s also worth noting that maximum bets are set at £125 per spin if you want to inject some extra exhilaration into this mild rock show encounter.

One aspect that we found oddly incongruous with the rock and roll theme is the sound effects that are triggered when you win. Normal-sized wins interrupt the mild rock soundtrack with the sort of weird electro-flute or xylophone jingles that you might more readily associate with old-school seaside arcade games. Big wins, on the other hand, are announced by a loudly hollering wild rocker (nothing mild about this) which can be quite alarming if you’re not expecting it!

Feature Symbols

We mentioned the purple-haired rock chick symbol briefly before, she’s a wild and is also the only symbol that acts to modify your wins during the base game.

Contrary to what you might expect, the “Mild Rockers” symbol is not that special, at least not until you reach the Free Spins game when they’re transformed into “Wild Rockers” symbols, which are in fact wild!

Bonuses & Jackpots

Finally, on to the main attraction, like in all our online slot reviews. The real opportunities for winning big cash prizes comes during the Mild Rockers casino app rounds. These are triggered whenever you spins the reels and uncover three or more of the red hot lips bonus symbols.

These scatters will give you 8 Free Spins – during which, every additional hot lips symbol will be added to a stack of Encore Spins. During both your Free Spins and Encore Spins there will be additional wilds in play in the form of the Wild Rockers symbols.

Play Mild Rockers

If you like the sound of a slot game set to a gentle rock beat and straightforward gameplay that still has plenty of big winning potential then drop by PartyCasino. Mild Rockers a shot. Alternatively, if you prefer your games to leave your ears feeling like they’ve been thoroughly hard-rock shell-shocked, then we’d suggest the likes of our Gun N’ Roses or Motorhead slot games!