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Monkeys Vs Sharks

Monkeys Vs Sharks Slot Detail

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Game introduces:

    This is an animal lottery slots game,There are 10 animals in the game,They are Birds And Animals(Beasts): Golden Shark,Silver Shark,Bird(Eagle,Peacock,Pigeon,Swallow),Beast/Animal (Lion,Panda,Monkey,Rabbit)In Pakistan,the game named Pakistan Lahore Betting Fishing Game IGS Wu Kong Machine Supplier Made in china or Pakistan Lahore Popular Coin Operated Betting Indoor 8 Players Gambling Games Machines. In mexico,the game named: Popular Super Millonario Plus Shark Slot Gambling,it is a crazy and amazing slots machine game,The goal of the game is to hit the Big sharks: Golden Shark Or Sliver Shark,If you win,Congratulations,you’ll get 24 to 48 times the prize,Besides,you have a chance to win the Jackpot if you bet. Welcome to our Shark Patty,We’ve got a big bonus for you,bet your chips to our Crazy Shark Game,You will get a surprise. Its also named wukong slot mesion or mesin judi wukong in Malaysia Arcade,I hope you will have a sense of happiness and satisfaction in Shark Slots Funzone,Become a fishing player and catch the big fish the big Shark! Shark Slots Game stadium is a Multiplayer Fisher Game Playground,you can bet online with with players all over the world,The game adopts Blue Ocean Theme,Close to nature,you can catch golden sharks in the blue ocean Game,Or shoot down an eagle in the sky,Or capture the lion in the forest,Let’s hunt anmals in the forest,catch birds in the sky,fish gold in the sea!

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This slots game has 12 betting options in the game:
Golden Shark,Silver Shark,Bird(Eagle,Peacock,Pigeon,Swallow),Beast (Lion,Panda,Monkey,Rabbit).
Among them,Bird,Beast is 2 times,golden shark is the highest 48 times Silver Shark 24 times
The result of all players will be the same,and every 40 – 60 seconds settlement once.
All players have a betting time of about 20 seconds per round. If you press it,please wait for the draw.
The minimum bet is 1 point per bet and the highest is 99999 points.