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Introducing Monopoly

Barcrest’s Monopoly is one of the many games availalble at Slots Temple It has the look of a Monopoly board game with bright and vivid colors, and the sights and basic game play that you’re used to with the board game.

What to Know

Before you start, you should know that Monopoly can be played without having to pony up any cash in advance. Of course, you can bet with real money at a casino with Mobipilots games. Playing on the go or at home is easy too – you don’t even have the download the game. In fact, once you go to the game on the site, it will automatically show up in your browser and best of all, there is no registration required either.

Game Features

The game features the standard Monopoly board and it is quite similar to the traditional board game look. There are properties and spaces like normal, but the game features cool graphics and design that you will love as well as animation that really ties it all together in something more fun than your regular board spread out across the coffee table.

Game Play

The game play has such classic plays as community chest, chance, and jail. Each of these spaces gives you different options or bonuses. For instance, on the community chest you get three cards to choose and you win whatever tokens are on the card, plus the other room players get tokens too. On chance, you also get to pick from three cards, but like real Monopoly, you are taking a chance of a positive or negative outcome like a reel spin multiplier or a trip to jail.

There are also railroad and utility companies, like normal. Railroads give you 200 tokens similar to the traditional board and utilities give you 100 times your dice roll. Obviously, there are other things that you’re familiar with like luxury tax (75 tokens), get out of jail (50 tokens), income tax (200 tokens), and pass the free parking space (100 tokens).

Play on the Go

The great thing about this game is the ability to play it a variety of ways – both home and on the go. It is mobile friendly and you can play on your tablet, PC desktop, or smartphone so no matter where you are, you can enjoy this fun game. It will take you back to when you were younger and enjoyed this classic game but in this case, it’s even better since not only can you play it anywhere but no one will get mad and toss the board across the room.

Disclaimer: Monopoly Big Event slot machine trademark / license is owned by Barcrest.