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Monopoly Mega Movers

Monopoly Mega Movers Slot Detail

A classically American game, the board game Monopoly was unleashed to a public eager for excitement and distractions against the backdrop of the Great Depression. The original game hit store shelves in early 1935, which became an instant cult classic and fan favorite that has remained popular until today.

Indeed, as a gaming theme, the idea of compiling your own real estate empire has proved an enduring motif. Perhaps that is the reason why the monopoly “idea” has been adopted by so many different slot game titles.

Even a casual perusal will reveal at least a dozen Monopoly online slot games coming from the design tables of at least three different developers. As such, WMS’s 2018 release of Monopoly Mega Movers casino slots is just the latest online slot game to don the thematic trappings of the original Monopoly game.

With a $ 100,000 top jackpot, this 5 X 4 reel game offers thirty active pay lines, and combines a range of symbols and special features that includes several exciting specialty actions that include free spins, wild symbols, wild spin bonuses, and an innovative Wheel feature.

Betting to Win on Monopoly Mega Movers

Betting to win on the slot game Monopoly Mega Movers is similar to success in the actual real estate world in that it takes money to win money, and larger wins are prompted by bolder betting patterns.

To begin, the minimum bet possible is .

Utilizing the Extra Bet yields even bigger rewards. This decision will cost you an additional 45 coins to your standard 30 coin bet for an impressive 75 coin bet.

As you modify your bet you will notice the jackpot totals adjusting as well. Keep your eyes on the upper right corner for a listing of the five potential jackpots that are available. When you wager a dollar for the maximum bet of , the biggest jackpot on the board is 0,000.

With an RTP of 96. Monopoly Mega Movers mobile slot feature an exciting game that delivers a steady diet of winnings at the lower betting levels while larger bets might yield the aforementioned 0,000 winnings.

The Graphics of Monopoly Mega Movers

The WMS slot company took out some of the stops when designing the graphics for Monopoly Mega Movers slot machine. The result is a rather pedestrian screen adorned with a simple blue background.

Icons include classic Monopoly game icons like the car, hat, battleship, and the traditional dog representation. Updated icons include a railroad token, cat, Ducky, Penguin, Trex, Mr. Monopoly, and the wild logo.

The aforementioned blue background does provide a clean backdrop on which the game’s bonus features play out. This is where the scatter symbol will appear that activates the game’s 3-in-a-row, 4-in-a-row, and 5-in-a-row wheels that unlocks free spins. It also provides the opportunity to tap into Monopoly Mega Movers’ large potential bonus payouts.

A quick note regarding the wild icon with should be mentioned.

When the wild icon (with two dice on the top), which will only appear on , and serves as a substitute for lower ranking icons to prompt winning combinations.

Conversely, when the wild icon stops with an arrow pointing in a particular direction, the wilds will expand to include the adjacent spaces for higher possible winning combinations.

Indeed, this method is the only time you will ever see wild on the outward reels.

A Classic Game Enhanced by Real Money

Everyone remembers the feeling as the entire family congregated around the table for a fun filled 12-hour session to finish the classic board game. With WMS’s addition to the pantheon of existing monopoly themed slot machines, players will enjoy sitting down to play this high paying, mobile friendly platform.

Check it out to see if you can corner the real estate market to make your fortune in real time with real money. Do you have what it takes to take on the latest monopoly themed game by an award winning design team featuring a rich history that stretches back to the 1940s.