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Download a multi functional Desktop World Clock, Alarm Clock, Time Zone Converter, Calendar Widget, Feed Reader and more – all in one program!
Highly configurable Modern and elegant interface Feature-packed, yet easy to use Best value you can get with all the bells and whistles you can think of at an unrivaled price

A huge city database with over 23,000 cities and the correct Daylight Saving rules for all locations are implemented Clocks can be placed into a row/column/array or even undocked from the main window
borders and background are optional for full integration into your Windows desktop Many cool functions are adding value to the program: Chime (church bell / grandfather’s clock) or Spoken Time, Time Zone Calculator / Time Zone Converter with intuitive Meeting Planner, Multiple Alarms, Month Calendar, Weather Report and more

To see the program live on your desktop you have to download the world clock program Country flags and clock hands are optional – you can use only a digital clock interface, if you prefer Put Sharp World Clock on your Windows Desktop and see what time it is in any part of the world or any city and time zone, at a glance The world clocks can be always visible or just when you need them (click the icon or press a hotkey) Or put just a single clock (for the local time) on the desktop and show all the others when you click it!

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Multi Timer – unlimited, accurate resizable Timers on the Desktop with Listview and Excel export

Version 6 is available with tons of new features – programmed from scratch

As many Timers as you need in Stopwatch, Count-Down or Alarm Clock mode, in a window or free floating at your Desktop
Count the time for up to 1,000 days with scientific accuracy
Connect timers to work in exclusive mode or chain mode

Do you need several or many stopwatches, timers or alarm clocks for your work or for a special task at home or at the university, school, factory or office? Is it important for you to measure and log the exact time of multiple events or jobs? What about 10 or even 100, all with scientific accuracy, even throughout very long time spans and interrupted use? Try Multi Timer, a program that will please and surprise you and join hundreds of professional and private users all over the world!

This multiple timer program offers a virtually unlimited number of timers in a window or floating on your desktop Many styling options Cloning function: create several copies of a timer with one mouse click List view on the bottom of the main window with separate event list, which can operate as a control center for the timers, single or as a group Excel export, hotkeys and more

Sortable timer controls in the upper part of the main window and a corresponding list on the bottom Timers can be operated in both views Timers can be undocked Pause and resume, auto-resume on startup and optional “run while program is inactive” mode The timer list can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet Play any sound file or speak timer title on alarm

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Teleprompter – a modern, reliable and easy-to-use Text Scroller program for Windows

Hardware accelerated, smooth scrolling text up to full screen size

Window is resizable from small up to full screen Load text from file or enter it inside the program Adjustable colors and fonts, scrolling speed (mousewheel can be used), hotkeys for program operation Percantage display, adjustable eye marker, mirror mode, semi-transparency mode, quick-scroll (scrub) function, jump to 10%90% function

There are five text slots, which can be switched during playback Scrolling is smooth on modern PCs with reasonable fast graphics Adapters The text can have any size or length, there is no influence on the scrolling fluency!

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