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Nirvana Slot Detail

The Nirvana bonus developed by the Yggdrasil studio. They decided to use an interesting theme for their project. This game is all about wonderland that you can enter by launching it on your device. Creators did an amazing job by using some special effects and hand-drawn images. All aspects of the project create the unique picture of the world inside of the project!
If you look closely to the gaming reel, then you will find out that all characters within it are represented by magic creatures. The player can see an animal that is partly a rabbit and partly a deer. Even the phoenix bird is here too! But don’t be scared of such good graphics. The Nirvana online can be launched on any device. It can be not only on a personal computer, but even a mobile phone or tablet. Just click on the start and you will be ready to go.

Besides, to try the game, you don’t have to pay anything. Just sign up through the developer’s and then sign in with your own account. It will store all your data on the cloud drive. But if the gamer doesn’t want to earn money yet, then he can just launch the game, and it will be enough for the trial version.

Gameplay and Prizes

The Nirvana slot games gambling has a lot of interesting options to customize the gaming process. To use them, simply look for the control panel beneath the gaming reel. To change the line on which you are going to bet, set the value in the “Lines section”.

To increase or decrease the amount of money, use “Minus” and “Plus” in the “Coin Value”. After doing so, you will be prepared to start the game. But that’s not all functions you can use, to play comfortably. If the gamer would like to use the “Max Bet”, then he must under the level of risk that he’s going to put himself into.

In order to use real money, look for the “Cash Bet” section. In the “Balance” you can see your total bankroll. The only thing, that has left, is the most important in the whole project – “Autoplay”. It helps you to do some other things and play the project at the same time.

This option became extremely popular among players, who prefer using mobile phone, instead of PCs. So developers decided to add it to the game.

Nirvana mobile slot – it will take you into other world
Features and Bonuses

You can win inside of this game only in one case – with the use of bonuses. To get them, use combinations of different symbols throughout the game. Especially, pay your attention to the Wild slots and Scatters. They will provide you the way to earn free trials and will give you a chance to randomly increase the winning score with the help of some mega mini-game rewards.

Some of them can multiply your score a couple of times. Besides, there is a chance to trigger jackpot. To do so, put all your money at stake and get five matching symbols on the same line.