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Peek A Boo Slot Detail

Peek-A-Boo Slots

If you’ve always been a big Ghostbusters fan – then it’s time to join Gavin the Ghost Zapper in this spook-shooting slot fest from Microgaming. It’s 5 reels and 40 pay-lines of pure fun, the prizes are pretty good, and once you hit the Free Spins Bonus the ways to win increase to an impressive 1,024 courtesy of Super-Stacked Wilds and Re-Spins.

There are four types of ghosts for you to zap, and you can do this by lining-up 3 to 5 symbols of any of the pink, orange, green or blue ghosts. They have some seriously scary teeth and eyes but, with top-prizes ranging between 250 coins and 750 coins for zapping them, don’t let those bad boys scare you away. You can also win up to 1,250 coins for lining-up 5 Gavin the Ghost Zapper symbols.

Just like any good ghost-zapping kid should, you can also boost your energy bank by spinning-in a collection of sweets and chocolates. Win up to 100 coins for spinning-in Lovehearts that say Kiss, RIP or Boo – and you’ll happily kiss, kill or scare these ghosts for 100 coins. You can also spin-in Liquorice Allsorts at up to 125 coins, Wine Gums at 150 coins, Chocolates at 175 coins, and Chocolate Coins at 200 coins.

There are also plenty of Peek-A-Boo Wilds to find, and these can also appear as semi-stacked wilds in the main game, where they will substitute for all symbols to potentially make you loads more winning combos. That’s not their only function though, and lining-up 5 Peek-A-Boo symbols on any pay-line can also win you up to 2,500 coins.

Ghost Metre

Where this game really scares off the opposition is with Gavin’s Ghost Metre. This sits to the right of the reels, and every ghost that Gavin Zaps with his Ray-Gun will register 1 free spin. Gavin will zap up to 1 ghost per reel whenever he appears on reel-3, and the Free Spins Bonus will be triggered whenever 10 or more ghosts (maximum 13) have been zapped.

When the Free Spins Bonus is triggered, you’ll be whisked away to a new set of reels where the music is more intense – and so is the action! Here you’ll find 1,024 ways to win with Super-Stacked Peek-A-Boo Wilds on all Reels. Each 3 or 4 symbol win will also be followed by a Free Re-Spin, with reels 4 and 5 re-spinning after a 3 symbol win, and reel 5 re-spinning after a 4 symbol win.

Ghostly Gains

It’s possible to win 100,000 coins on Peek-A-Boo, and you can spin the reels for total-bets ranging from 0. Bet Box up or down. Just select your preferred spin-stake, and then check out the pay-table to see how much each symbols pays.

Microgaming may have recently become more synonymous with epic games such as Games of Thrones, but this fun ghost-zapping game shouldn’t be missed. Zapping ghosts is fun any time of the day, however Peek-A-Boo also offers some decent prizes, and both the triggering of the Free Spins Bonus and the playing of it are seriously fun!