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Rags To Riches

Rags To Riches Slot Detail

The Rags To Riches casino app game is a simple yet intriguing online slot. The free online Rags To Riches slot machine differs from many others with its couple polished mechanics, bonus features, music, and special effects. In this virtual machine, a player starts from a not-so-wealthy perspective with the potential to become rich in a couple of ways, which is possible thanks to the Amaya developer. This slot is similar to Quest of Kings.
Starting Rags To Riches Slot’s Parameters

Every player should consider on which wager the game is about to be played. That can be adjusted in the bottom corner of the interface. The one is provided with the option to set up how many lines and how big of a bet is to be played on. Lines go up from 1 to 20 and the stake starts at 0. These two mixed together give up the Total stake, which is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The entire stake represents the player’s actual wager with which the round is played. When everything is adjusted, the round starts when a dicer clicks on the Spin button.
If a bettor wants to take the game to its maximum potential, he can click on the Bet Max button which will automatically set up the lines to 20 and bet to 20. With high risk, great rewards come.
On top of these, there are two more buttons on the screen. The first one is Win Patterns which shows how the lines are formed in the cover.
The second one is Payout Table in which the dicer can see how much every symbol pays up, rules, and bonus rules for the features.

From Worn-Out Sneakers to Tuxedo

Playing this online slot, the dicer can come across all kinds of symbols. There are sneakers, carton boxes, a homeless guy, a whiskey, golden bars, a rich guy, etc.

    The first one is getting 5 For Sale symbols. Since rewards are multiplied by Total Bet, and hitting 5 of these can pay the gambler some juicy rewards. The other one is by getting 3 or more Scatter icons anywhere on the screen. At that point, a bettor will get into the bonus feature. This mode is only eligible while playing on the maximum wager. In this bonus feature, numbers from 1 to 49 are shown on the screen and the bettor should decide which card is going to be next (lower or higher). Getting the correct card will progress our homeless friend to wealth. A dicer needs to guess 5 out of 6 cards correctly in order to advance to the next level. Mistaking 2 at any level will return the player to the normal mode and one will be given some small prize. Also, guessing the same number as one that is displayed is considered a loss.

If a gambler completes all of the levels, he will enter Jackpot Bonus Game where 16 boxes appear on the reel. Only one of these can be picked up and each will reward you with lots of rewards on top of everything. Nonetheless, the free Rags To Riches mobile slot allows to find at least two Scatter icons anywhere on the screen, which will reward the gambler the starting wager.