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Reel Party Slot Machine Review

Have you ever tried hitting the slot machine on a New Year’s Eve? Luck may have been on your side if you have. After all, it’s always good luck to win a few coins on the slot machine while welcoming the New Year.

But if you haven’t tried it yet, Reel Party casino app can provide the experience. Reel Reel Party mobile slot is an absolutely free online game, sponsored by a top-notch Internet-based casino game.

The Game

To play the Reek Party slot machine game, you simply have to upload it on your computer. This requires no download on the player’s part, so one can enjoy Reel Party slot machine without having to store it in the hard drive. After a click, the game screen pops up and shows an Intro to the slot machine. The opener is a simple light display in Flash animation, a burst of colors and whistling fireworks—establishing the slot machine’s theme right away.
The slot machine theme is rendered straightforwardly with corresponding items that relate to a New Year’s Eve celebration, such as drinks, a late night cab ride, a countdown, and even Father Time (welding a scythe! The soundtrack for the slot machine is more muted, with a slow bluesy beat, a crowded room for background noise.
Reel Party slot machine is a 5-coin, 5-reel, 15-line online game with a New Year’s Party motif. You can play it for free for as long as you want, although you also have the option to play for real cash. You can adjust the lines and the value of coins on the slot machine or learn more about meaning of important icons on Help. Click on Paytable to see how much a winning combo fetches. Reel Party slot machine has the following icons: Rooftop Monitor, Toasting Woman, Toasting Man, Happy New Year Hat, Yellow Cab, Toasting Glasses, Beer Mugs, Trumpets, and Fruit Plate.
When playing Reel Party slot machine, there are some significant symbols to remember. A Scatter Icon, Fathertime Spins, when dropping 3 or more on any reels at a given spin, can entitle you to 10, 20 or even a hundred free spins. The player has a chance to win more free spins and even a bonus round on this mode on the slot machine. The value you’ve set on the spin that triggered this mode is applied, and each winning combination is multiplied three times.
Winning more game credit is possible when you get the Champagne Bonus Icon 3 or more times on the slot machine. This is another Scatter Icon that triggers the Reel Party casino app. In this round, you are given a wine shelf with bottles that you can click for corresponding credit points.
To complete a winning combination on the slot machine, you’ll need the help of the Baby Wild Icon–a substitute icon for any symbol missing in a winning combination.
New Year’s Even may have already passed, but it isn’t necessary for enjoying Reel Party slot machine. Enjoy this light, simple and fun slot machine game on your breaks at work, or school, or when you’re planning to enter online casinos and play for the big bucks. Reel Party slot machine can be your practice companion.