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Reel Rich Devil

Reel Rich Devil Slot Detail

About Reel Rich Devil Slot

A lot of people would say that the devil is not a friend, this is not true in all cases. When it comes to this slot machine, Reel Rich Devil online slot is a friend that would help a player get the jackpot as much as he can. Check out what this source of happiness has in store for players.

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Play Reel Rich Devil slot machine online and the player should expect a video slots kind of gaming experience. Created by WMS Gaming, this slot-game is certainly a delight to work with and to enjoy.

The graphics are forgiving, and the sound effects are enough to keep the player from drifting away. Focus is not really as important here because it is not a strategy game at all. It is an experience.

With that, it is important to look at the features of the game and everything it has to offer.

Fires of Features

The following features should be expected by the player once they get to try and play Reel Rich Devil online money:

  • Bonus Rounds
  • Wild Symbol
  • 5 reels
  • 25 pay lines

Symbol Payouts

Of course, it makes no sense to play Reel Reel Rich Devil online online without the possibility of winning. Each of the symbol combinations, when matched, would give out that vibe of winning and also the coin that a gamer would need. The following are the symbol payouts that a player should expect.

Flaming cherry – the player could win up to 1000 coins
Red hot hearts – the player could win up to 1200 coins
Golden roses – a gamer may get some 2000 coins if he or she is very lucky
Tridents – the devil in this slot machine would bring luck as they offer up to 3000 coins
Emeralds – the emeralds would give up to 4000 coins
Rubies – for those who want to have some rubies, the slot machine could give away up to 5000 coins
Diamonds – the diamonds are just coal that becomes better and stronger when forged in fire, this is what this gem represents, and this is certainly a winner as it could give up to 7000 coins.
Sexy Temptress – the seductive and alluring power of this sexy symbol is a remarkable sight to behold but not only that, but the player could also get up to 10,000 coins upon winning so seeing this awesome symbol come to life and become a better part of the slot machine is a win, no doubt.

Feel The Heat

Reel Rich Devil casino slot online is much more than just the ordinary slot machines that everyone could see. The best part is that every individual who tries it out would feel the heat once they get passed the simple introduction that the game has to offer. A winner in a sense that a gamer would certainly enjoy himself while playing this game, there is so much more than this one could offer that should be experienced and not reviewed as much.

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