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Riches Of The Sea

Riches Of The Sea Slot Detail

Riches of the Sea Slot Machine

No need to hold your breath or to invest in some expensive diving gear: Riches of the Sea is a video slot game that will take you deep under the surface of the ocean to snatch all the treasures that lie there!

This 2×2 Gaming creation uses a well-known underwater world theme as the décor of this game. As such, you can expect plenty of marine creatures, both real and imaginary, to populate the reels.

So if you are feeling like a dive, and regardless of your degree of expertise in the matter, read on to find out more about this aquatic slot game!

Into the Deep Blue Sea

Riches of the Sea takes a classic approach to the underwater world theme, with very few surprises in stores for players who have put had their hands on similar games in the past.

The background is a realist depiction of the tropical seabed, with corals and rock formations all around, bathing in a beautiful light blue glow. The developers at 2×2 Gaming bet on realism when they set out to create Riches of the Sea, and the result is actually quite stunning.

You will feel like you are swimming deep in tropical waters within seconds of playing the game, and it is probably just what the developers were going for.

Know the Rules

Riches of the Sea is played on five reels and 30 potential paylines drawn across them, which is a rather standard setting for a video slot game.

You can entirely customise your settings to fit your play style and current mood. Use the colourful side tabs that flank the reels on both sides to activate or deactivate paylines as you wish. The up and down arrows located below the reels are there to let you do the same, as well as adjust the amount of your bet per payline.
The bigger risk you take, the higher your potential reward becomes! So do not hesitate to take a little risk if you want to snatch all the treasures sunken under the surface of the ocean.

If you feel ready, hit the purple Spin button on the right-hand side in order to set the reels into motion. And you are good to go! It will not take long before you become an expert, and with a little luck you will start winning big in no time as well.

Waterproof Menu

Let’s now take a closer look at the paytable of Riches of the Sea, and see what the game has in store for players in terms of reel symbols.

The first half of the menu contains the classic card-inspired symbols, from number 10 to the Ace. They are designed with a simple and curvy blue font, and their payout is quite modest. Remember, though, that these symbols show up very frequently on the reels and you will therefore have more chances to land winning combinations with them.

The second half of the basic list of reel symbols comprises several famous marine creatures such as a Clown Fish, an Octopus, a Dolphin, a Shark and a Whale. The game Logo tops off the list, with a reward 750 times greater than your initial wager for a 5 Logo combination.

The Ultimate Rewards

The last two symbols of the game are here to bring some extra special features, guaranteed to become the players’ favourites!

First of all, the Mermaid is the Wild card of Riches of the Sea. She can replace any basic symbol listed previously in order to create even more winning combinations on activated paylines. Land two or more Mermaids simultaneously and most of the on-screen symbols will be replace by new ones to give you an extra chance at scoring new combinations!

The Pearl symbol is a Scatter that can award Free Spins independently of its position on the reels. If you manage to land three or more of them, you can win up to 16 free games where all your winnings are directly added to your credit total without you putting anything up front! Moreover, landing Mermaids during the Free Spins add multipliers to the mix, up to a final x27 bonus!

Sea What You Could Win

Riches of the Sea is yet another take on the underwater world theme, a classic in slot games now. As such, it is not exactly an original game but the graphic design and bonuses easily make up for that. Avid diver or not, you might want to give Riches of the Sea a try! If you want something more unusual from this developer then give Festival Queens a try!