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Salsa Slot Detail

Salsa Slot Machine

Get ready for a spicy game featuring a progressive gameplay, mystery wins and a real challenge across the reels.

Salsa bonus is a Simbat video slot game that promises all that, and much more. The game is based on a classic arcade setup that will take you back to the real old-school casino atmosphere that many players know and love. Add some surprises and big wins to the mix, and you know that you are in for a unique betting experience.

Let’s have a closer look at Salsa together to try to determine the best ways to win big on the reels of the game.

Good-Old Casino References

Simbat mostly look and feel the same regardless of their theme, and salsa definitely adopts the Simbat look right from the start.

The game screen is a close-up on an old-school slot machine, complete with multiple reel sets, interactive paytables and flashing icons all over. With a simple black background, the game looks exactly like any slot machine you could find at the back of your local pub for instance.

In a nutshell, Salsa slot review is rather unsurprising and not as spicy as promised when it comes to its graphic atmosphere. Let’s see if the gameplay is any different in the next section.

Win Your First Credits on the Reels

We will begin by examining the base game of Salsa, which is where you will start once you have launched the game.

Everything begins on the lower reel set, which contains 3 reels and a single horizontal payline. As you have probably guessed, you need to land winning symbol combinations onto the payline in order to score cash prizes. Each spin costs only 1 credit in the base game by default. The hold buttons under the reels can block them for the duration of the next spin, if you feel that you are close to a particular win. This function is also triggered automatically whenever you are only missing 1 symbol to score a win.

A simple heads or tails mini game is triggered after each win. Pick the right side of the coins and you might be able to double your reward instantly, while a wrong pick could have some negative consequences. You may also want to try to play in autospin, which will allow the reels to spin freely for as long as you let them.

A Vast Array of Available Combinations

The paytable of Salsa online slot is both classic and quite large. As you can see next to the reels, winning combinations in the base game can contain either 2 or 3 identical symbols.

The reel symbols themselves are slot game classics, with fruit icons such as the cherries, grapes, lemons, oranges and watermelons. The bar signs, bells and jackpot signs are a bit more elusive and also more valuable. The rewards span from just 2 credits to 200 credits at once for a triple jackpot combination.

Lastly, you will also notice different box symbols on the reels, with a question mark on them. These symbols deliver a mystery prize when appearing on reels 1 and 2 or 1, 2 and 3 at the same time. Nobody knows exactly how much you can win, but the maximum payout is still 200 credits.

Moving Upwards

As promised, Salsa features a few more bet levels that you can access after a few successful spins in the base game. All you need to do is transfer your credits by clicking the save up button and they will be put back into play to unlock the top game.

You can have access to the bet 4 and bet 20 game modes. Each spin is played on the upper reel set with a brand new paytable standing next to them. The choice of combinations is narrower, with rewards going from 8 to 200 credits. Naturally, the more credits you bet in the game, the larger a profit you can expect.

Lastly, note that in bet 20 mode the Salsa logo can be used as a wild to complete any winning combination. If the logo appears and does not trigger any win, a mystery prize of at least 8 credits.

Perhaps Not as Spicy as Promised

Salsa is a solid slot game with an easy yet challenging gameplay. You will need to win your way to the higher bet levels in order to increase your chances for a big win.

Despite the handy Salsa logo and the mystery boxes, the game fails to be as exciting as the title might have suggested in the first place. Perhaps more bet levels would have helped, or more special symbols.