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Scroll Of Adventure

Scroll Of Adventure Slot Detail

Have you ever dreamed of becoming some sort of adventurer? If you did, then the Scroll Of Adventure online give you this opportunity. It will give you the best chance to start your own journey into the world of ancient Egypt. It’s the best way to start your own day. You won’t believe what you’re about to see, because it has so many interesting elements. Game designers did an amazing job by drawing up all those characters. As the main object for the project Egypt culture was picked. Creators represented it in the best way they could.
To try the Scroll of Adventure online for free, you can use trial version. It contains all key elements from basic project, except for the opportunity to earn money by playing it. If you want to, then sign up through developer’s website.

Then you will have a chance to sign in on any device you have and see all stats within same account. The data will be saved on cloud drive. Gamers from around the globe don’t need to buy personal computer to play this project.

Creators adapted user interface and controls to any screen size possible, so you could play comfortable whenever you need. So don’t be shy to use touch screen to make some bets.

Gameplay and Prizes

Just like in the case of other games, the Scroll of Adventure starts with manual list of all rules you need to follow, to ensure big winnings. But before you can officially start the game – configure some settings to your profile. They can be done by using special panel right down to the gaming reel.

Change the value of your money with “Bet Value”. This option will give you a chance to set your own size of coins you want to put at stake. Only by doing so, you will be good enough to win big. Gamer can also click on the “Lines” function to choose the line on which you are going to bet.

Those options will be enough to start spinning the reel. But if you want to do more optimization, gamer can use “Bet Max”. It gives you a chance to increase your betting value to the maximum value. Also, don’t forget to use “Autoplay”, if you want to perfectly play anywhere outside of your home. Game itself will put your money at stake.

Scroll of Adventure – your choice to become rich
Features and Bonuses

Gamers can earn money with the Scroll of Adventure gambling by following simple rule – collect similar items within same row. Gamers should get at least three matching lots on the same line to get bonuses. Then you will definitely achieve free spins to get even more money.

But the most important thing about this game, is that you can also enter some mini-games, to increase your winning score couple of times. Only by doing so, a player can provide a proper way on getting five thousand coins Jackpot.