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Shogun Showdown Slot Detail

Ninjas, unlike the samurai, did not submit to the feudal system. They lived in their parallel world, ruled by the powerful clans. Preparation of the ninja began with a cradle – in the most literal sense. The basket with the child was hung in a corner, the parents periodically approached and rocked it so that it began to strike against the walls. Ninjas were very well educated. They had to know the hieroglyphics to read military maps and other documents. Amaya” has got an idea to make a ninja-themed slot Shogun Showdown.
The gambling admirers can find it out in a couple of minutes at almost every online casino. Present technologies allow playing from any geo-location – whether in Monaco or Las Vegas.

Gameplay in Shogun Showdown bonus is sharp and secret

The landscape is perfect! Half of the sky is colored with the flaming-red shades and the rest is painted with deep-blue dye. In the middle part, where these two colors are crossed , it is a gently-rosy line. Over the transparent 5 ninja-themed reels, it is a hint-line. A lower part of Shogun Showdown’s screen is owned by the traditional Japanese houses and trees.

The terracotta-brown statues of the lions, with devilish horns and vampire fangs around the reels are terrifying. In the middle of the terrifying devilish statues, it is a mustard-golden panel with: an ”Autospin” (Will scroll the reels itself.
These are the wager’s regulators.
a black inscription ”50 Lines: Credits per line” and 5 beige squares numbered from ”1” to ”5”
Credits” (If gambler plays the ”free” game type of Shogun Showdown slot.
O-shaped button with the image of Shiroi Senshi (a brunet long-haired samurai which wears white clothes and holds in his left hand a sharp grey metallic ”star”) is ”SPIN” and slightly aside them all, on the devilish statue’s chest is visible reddish-white word ”PAYS”. If gambler wants to read by him/herself about ”hints”, ”rules”, ”win-lines” and ”imgs”, then he/she just need to click on this button and learn all interesting information from the special tabs.

Between the ”Spin” and ”Pays” there is a large lagoon-bluish rectangle with a ‘won” mark ‘.
a colored in the sea-wavy shade hieroglyph in a form of ”K” with standing close to it a ninja in black clothes
a bluish-purple hieroglyph ”A” with a ninja which stands near the left edge of the letter
black-golden nunchak is in front of a golden-green flower-shaped fan
L-shaped sword in front of a bright-red umbrella. In Shogun Showdown casino app is also an image of a thrown weapon in the form of a ”star” with blades.

Bonus rounds are formidable in Shogun Showdown

Wild” looks like a bright-blue mask of the devil with horns, fangs, crazy eyes and long black hair. Special”-icons are a ”close portraiture of Shiroi Senshi” and ”a portraiture of Idaina Sensei”.

The slot machine opens a ”Bonus” if a gambler ”collects” 3 Idaina Sensei’s portraitures (on the odd reels). Also, a gamble-player will get ”free spinnings” in an amount of ”10”.