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Silver Unicorn

Silver Unicorn Slot Detail

Silver Unicorn slot review gambling is a beautiful game, that delivers a lot of possibilities on making money, by playing it. Rival Studio did their best to deliver an immersive experience, that you have never felt before. They tried to make this game as perfect, as it possibly can be. The main theme of this game is about the fantasy world, full of goblins, unicorns and princesses to be saved out of dirty hands of your enemies. You need to enter castle tower, to find the love of all your life.
Silver Unicorn slot – the fairy tale for adult players

The gamer can launch Silver Unicorn online on any device he has. It can be not only a personal computer, but also a mobile phone, tablet or anything like that. Creators did an amazing job by adapting user interface and gaming process to any screen size. You will have the same high-quality experience, as in the case of the desktop version. Controls fit touch screen perfectly.

Most important – gamers can try this game for free. Creators added trial version, so the beginners could know exactly, if Silver Unicorn slot fulfill their expectations. That’s why you will get all basic elements of the game. But to earn money, you will need to sign up through developer’s website. Then you will get a chance to sign in on any gadget you have.

Gameplay and Prizes

To enter this fantastic word of Silver Unicorn casino, gamers should customize their profiles at first. Just look right down to the gaming reel. You will see some leaves. They represent a couple of options that you can use. To manage the amount of money to bet, use “Select Coins. This box lets you increase or decrease the amount of coins you are willing to put at stake.

Also, you can push “Select Lines” to change the line on which you are going to bet. Shortly after all those operations, you can spin the reel and officially start the game. Autoplay” is another good option, because it gives you an opportunity to simplify gaming process. A player can stop focusing on the game and continue to earn money.

It comes in handy for those situations, when you can’t pay your attention to the game that much. So, you will have no problem in playing this game whenever you want, even if it is far away from your home. All stats going to be saved on the cloud drive.

Silver Unicorn – find your luck in another world
Features and Bonuses

Silver Unicorn is a masterpiece, that can make you rich, if you will be good enough to follow simple rules. To get the best winning score, you need to collect matching slots within the same paying line. Huge special symbols can be found on the first, third and fifth reel.

If you will combine at least three similar lots within the row, then you will get free spins. That means, you can easily double your bankroll. As a matter of fact, you can collect pink flowers, some butterflies or anything like that.