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Space Spins

Space Spins Slot Detail

Space Spins theme and graphics

Space and jewels are a match made in heaven and Space Spins slot review definitely owes a debt to the almighty Starburst. In our book, that’s no bad thing, and this space slot certainly looks stunning. Wazdan is getting a reputation for creating really impressive looking slots with audio to match, and Space Spins is another feast for the senses.

The transparent reels are set against the star-filled skies of deep space, as planets pass by and the precious space minerals fall onto the reels. We really like the 3D rendering and jewelled palette that Wazdan has used for the elements themselves, which take flower or star forms that combine into one huge special element. It’s this kind of attention to detail that we love from Wazdan’s quirky slots, which helps to elevate the space theme here.

Wazdan is also good at creating complementary themes for a truly immersive experience and you’ll find yourself letting your mind drift out into space. Visuals and audio combine to create a stunning whole, making this one of our favourite space themed slots.

How to play Space Spins

To play any slots game, you need to set your stake before hitting the spin button to start playing your game. The gameplay in this 6 reel, 40 payline slot is easy enough for any newbie to get to grips with and Wazdan provides a range of bet levels to suit casual players or those with deeper pockets. Simply hit the Max Bet button to set your stake at the highest available level.

You can also customise other gameplay elements, including toggling the sound on and off and setting your autoplay options if you prefer to sit back and watch the amazing visuals. When you’re ready to play, select the red spin button to start your game.

Space Spins payout ratio and volatility

One of the things we really love about Wazdan slots is the unique volatility levels feature. This allows you to select high or low volatility or to play at the preset standard level.

What this means for players is that you can choose whether to score frequent, low value wins for a longer, low volatility spinning experience, or fewer but higher value wins for the seat of your pants high volatility vibe. Stick with the standard preset to receive a mixture of both features.

Changing the volatility won’t affect the RTP of your slot, but it can vary the playing experience. It’s a feature that really puts the player in control.

How to win at Space Spins

To hit winning combinations in Space Spins, you’ll need to land combinations of 3 to 6 symbols on an active payline. These can run straight across the screen, diagonally or in a zig zag fashion, so it makes sense to take a look at the paytable information before you start to familiarise yourself with the pattern of gameplay.

If you want to maximise your wins on Space Spins, then try selecting high volatility to land some lucrative payouts – just be prepared to watch the reels spin for a while without landing any wins at all. If you prefer to watch your bankroll increase steadily, opt for smaller wins that hit every 3 spins or so. And remember that landing special symbols like wilds and the Space Ship free spins scatter will boost your bankroll further.

All wins in this slot are paid in multipliers which the paytable will calculate for you when you adjust your bet. That obviously makes a more aggressive staking strategy more rewarding, but you’ll still enjoy some great payouts with a smaller bet.

Space Spins bonus features

Wazdan has chosen game modifiers including wilds, free spins and scatter symbols to deliver a fast-paced gaming experience. Land 3 or more Space Ship scatters to fire up some free spins that deliver pretty lucrative payouts, especially when you opt for high volatility.

But Wazdan also has a series of completely unique features that add to the gameplay experience, creating a whole new way to play.

Ultra fast mode: Using this feature won’t affect either the RNGs that power Space Spins casino app or its RTP. What you will be able to do is play at your preferred speed, whether you’re a leisurely tortoise, a fast-paced hare or even a must play cheetah. You can play your slots in the blink of an eye, putting you in control of the way you play and allowing you to squeeze in some cheeky spins whenever you feel like it.

Double screen mode: We love this feature and find it incredibly useful when playing Wazdan slots. It’s also ideal when you’re playing on mobile or tablet, because it really makes the most of your screen real estate in portrait mode. You can select this feature from the settings tab, place your device in portrait mode or simply scroll up. You’ll then have access to the paytable and be able to identify all the special symbols at a glance. And when you adjust your line bet, the paytable calculates your new rewards, so you have all the info you need right in your eyeline.

Unique bonus feature: With this feature, Wazdan incorporates the gamble feature as a valuable piece of gameplay, rather than an optional add on. You can opt to double your winnings 5 times which can lead to some really incredible payouts. But the really cool thing about this feature is that Wazdan creates a unique gamble bonus for each and every slot. The gamble is always worth playing a couple of times, just to watch the animations.

Space Spins at online casinos

Wazdan doesn’t just supply good quality slots, it also partners with the casinos to play them in. Head for our casino review section to see where to play Wazdan slots. We’ve found out the best welcome Bonuses for Slots, including those with free spins. Just remember when you sign up to read the terms and conditions, so you’re clear on any wagering conditions or withdrawal limits.

Free spins are usually worth 10p-20p, but that’s enough to give you the real money experience. Watch out for withdrawal limits that are often capped at £100, as you’ll only be able to withdraw that amount of a big win and no more. You’ll also need to satisfy wagering requirements to withdraw your casino bonus – this requires you to play through an equivalent amount of cash on games that count towards your wagering requirements. If you win £10 on Space Spins, for example, and there are 20x wagering requirements in play, you’d need to wager £10 x 20 = £200 to withdraw your casino bonus.

Space Spins on mobile

Wazdan is a technology forward company that has created its portfolio of slots in a ‘mobile first’ way. Using HTML5 optimisation, each game is instant play, with fast loading times and adaptable to any screen size. That means that you can play your slots in an online browser in seconds, without the need for a download, on any mobile and tablet device.

But Wazdan goes a little further than most developers and has created two unique modes designed to make mobile play as seamless as possible:

    Energy saving mode: This can be activated from the settings menu and works across all your battery powered devices, including laptops, to save up to 40% energy every spinning session. This is a great option when you’re nowhere near a power supply yet you want to enjoy your slots on the move.

Ultra lite mode: If you’ve been frustrated by a poor connection when playing slots, you’ll love this feature. By removing some of the animation features, Wazdan slots played in this mode will look and feel the same but load 5 times faster and play seamlessly, even when your connection is less than optimal.

Space Spins free play review

Starburst has had a huge impact on online slots and has spawned plenty of imitators, quite a few of them created by Wazdan. Their Space Gem and Magic Stars series owe something of a debt to the NetEnt blockbuster, while also being hugely entertaining and enjoyable games in their own right.

Space Spins bonus is another game in that tradition, with a full on deep space theme and gameplay packed with wilds and free spins. You’ll also benefit from Wazdan’s unique volatility selector which lets you play at high, low or standard volatility depending on the style of player you are. Gameplay is, as you’d expect, fast and furious, with a unique gamble feature. And while this slot does nothing new, what it does will keep you playing for hours.

About Wazdan

Wazdan has been around for over a decade now, but the firm is constantly growing and developing, creating exceptional slots and the casino servers to play them on. There’s a real focus on using technology to create the best possible player experience, which is why Wazdan slots are ideal for playing on the move on your Android phone or iPad.

Unique features like double screen mode, ultra fast play, energy saving and choose your own volatility allow the player to control every aspect of the game. Visuals and audio are equally impressive – we love the bloodcurdling soundtrack to Dracula’s Castle and the unique bonus choice between a chalice of life-giving blood or fatal water. These games are clever and captivating, with a level of detail that you don’t often see. We also recommend the dazzling Los Muertos and the incredibly atmospheric Black Hawk Deluxe. Find more titles from this innovative developer in the Makers menu.

Can I play Space Spins for free?

Yes, you can play Space Spins and other great Wazden Slot Games for free, here at Slots Temple. And if you don’t enjoy space slots, we’ve got hundreds of other games on a range of themes for you to enjoy.

Does Space Spins have free spins?

Yes, there’s a free spin feature you can activate by landing 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

Can I win real money while playing Space Spins?

Yes, you can when you sign up for an account at an online casino. Look for a casino with Wazdan slots and a free spins bonus to play for real without impacting your bankroll.

Do you have any Space Spins tips or cheats?

Wazdan slots are rigorously tested for fairness by an outside agency, so there’s no way to outfox the RNGs or predict when a win will land – that’s why you never see tips and cheats for playing slots. As a general rule, you should play slots for fun. If you choose to play for real money, always set a daily limit and walk away once you’ve reached it, win or lose. Split any winnings between your bank account and your bankroll and never play with money you can’t afford to lose.

Can I play Space Spins with no deposit?

Some casinos offer a no deposit bonus as a way of attracting players who don’t want to play with their own cash upfront. If you can’t find a casino offering Wazdan slots and a no deposit bonus, you can always play without having to make a deposit at Slots Temple.

Can I download Space Spins?

You don’t need to download this game. This HTML5 slot will load directly into your mobile browser. If you have connection difficulties, then opt to load the game in Ultra Lite Mode.

Go intergalactic with Space Spins!

If you like space themed slots like Starburst, you’ll love Space Spins. With lucrative bonus features and Wazdan’s unique player focused customisation, this is one rocket trip that you won’t want to end.

Disclaimer: Space Spins trademark / license is owned by Wazdan.