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You certainly won’t run out of slots to play any time soon as there are so many slot titles to choose from and a wide range of different categories of slots to choose from. It’s really no surprise that slots are one of the most popular casino games as the choices are endless for players thanks to the innovation and creativity of slot developers – check out this site.
Slots have evolved and changed over the years as new technologies gave way to better graphics, charming soundtracks and audio effects to make the slots more enticing and exciting to play, with more reels and more advanced bonus features than ever before. But before you make your choice of which slot to play, take a look at these different slot categories to help you decide which slot type is best for you and your bankroll.

Classic Slots

The slot type which is most like the original slot machine is classic slots which have three reels and have simple, traditional themed as well as an old-school look and feel. They hark back to a simpler time when slots didn’t fancy intricate designs, graphics or elaborate themes and multiple bonuses. If you have an appreciation for the simpler things in life and are looking for a slot without all the bells and whistles, a no-frills classic slot could be the perfect slot for you!

Progressive Slots

If you’re daydreaming of a long holiday in a far off luxurious destination and your motivation for playing slots is to win a life-changing sum of money, one type of slot you should definitely take a spin on is a progressive slot. Progressive slots are all about playing for a huge jackpot which gradually grows the more people play the slot game until one lucky winner bag the top prize and then the jackpot will revert back to a base amount. The massive jackpots can often be in the multi-millions which is one of the reasons why these thrilling slots are so appealing to players!


Video Slots

If you love slots that have a narrative and interesting theme, you should give video slots a whirl as they are centred on hundreds of different themes so there is something for everyone! From leprechauns and Egyptians to Aliens and Viking warriors, there are so many different game themes to choose from and they all have unique storylines and features which create an interesting and immersive experience for players.

3D Slots

Thanks to advancing technology 3D graphics now adorn slot games and they come in all different forms as a form of animated mascots which are usually fun little characters which add a dynamic element to the game. These slot games have usually included unique features and bonus rounds giving the slot a more gaming feel.

Whichever slot game you choose to play, you can find out the RTP in the game description so you can see what your chances are of winning the game. It’s also a good idea to read the game description to see which features the game has so you will know if it’s what you’re looking for.