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Sweet 16 Slot Detail

Overview of Sweet 16 Slots

For a very conversant & enthusiastic bettor, there are high chances you already felt the frequent casino game updates online each month.

What this implies is that presently, there already exist loads of slot games available online for selections, such that players can comfortably screen out lots of choices to be able to obtain a game that matches their preference. Here is another slot game concept by the name “Sweet 16 slot game”, programmed by Real Time Gaming around 2016.

We, at this moment, commit intense effort to make available the most authentic casino games reviews to be of great assistance in the selection process of the unlimited lists of the slot games on offer.


Sweet Sweet 16 slot games encompasses 5-reel alongside 243 ways to actualize winning combos, such that it can compensate a reward worth 5,000, to boost up your pocket tremendously.

Simply from its name, the Sweet 16 slot game is subject to the most inviting candies, which is traceable back to the infant stage in human life.
therefore, be assured of your diverse personal strategies.

Across this slot, the coin value usable varies from 0. The game maker sets the RTP at 96.

Honestly, Sweet 16 slot quite a money-spinning game, with the enormous cash capable enough to stimulate the attention of a player.

Nevertheless, while committing to a game that concentrates solely on generating money might appear dull at a particular instance. It thereby makes it crucial to select a game having amazing features which can secure extended entertaining gameplay.

Wild Character

Among the main characters to pay attention to is a wild character
The likely reels for this wild to come into view are the second, third, fourth & fifth, such that it can assure you of substantial rewards.

Besides, another character present in this game is named “morphing feature,” such that its possible to amplify one’s winnings potentials to obtain casino jackpots in the course of playing.

Each time you formulate a winning combo, the engaged character tends to vanish, & fresh ones surface again to take over their position. These actions take place repeatedly like that in that manner.

However, that’s not all

Each time a winning combination tends to change entirely into other ones, the jackpots get supplemented alongside a multiplier possible to reach x10.

The two features are on offer across the usual spins. However, the game arranges a scatter bonus round.
the aftermath then activates 16 bonus spins, whereby you can have access to a multiplier varying from x2 to x20.

Final Words

Sweet Sweet 16 slot machine encompasses numerous features, which is sure you’ll have great delight running them. Therefore, perhaps you intend having fun alongside a straightforward, viable slot game, Sweet 16 is an appropriate selection for your criterion.