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Tahiti Feeling

Tahiti Feeling Slot Detail

Friendly Fun

Having played a lot of games from the company, we were expecting the same level of difficulty we’ve always encountered, and yet the volatility here is on the medium part of the spectrum. This surprise move not only makes this slot more enjoyable and manageable, but it also makes it more fun – you can relax a little around the reels.

In addition to this more relaxed approach, you have a flexible set of paylines with which to interact, allowing for greater ease of use. Usually Merkur provide fixed winlines, and so the difficulty can never be combated, but here you can mix it up from just 1 line all the way to the full set of 20. Those inexperienced should note that more lines equals greater chances of securing a win.

Bikini Bottoms

Spotting the most rewarding symbol of the entire game isn’t exactly hard – it’s an enlarged image of a wavy haired woman, dressed in nothing but a bikini. Not only does she lure you in with attractive looks, but she brings with her 15 bonus spins, but not just any spins, multiplied spins.

Whenever the feature is reactivated, which is to say when the free games are triggered inside the round, the multiplier of the level will be increased
This, therefore, breeds a greater chance of getting juicy wins, even should you rake in nothing but pennies. However, getting a retrigger of the symbol isn’t all plain sailing, so be prepared for multiple attempts.

Fruit-Based Fun

With a minimum bet of 0. Actually, it’s not really hard labour spinning the reels, but you catch our drift, right?

We’ll admit that we got caught up in the fun loving nature of the reels, but that isn’t to say that Tahiti Feeling online brainwashed us
And yet those issues seem acceptable, almost part of what makes the slot so great.

This is one of those online titles that you can pick up and put down, allowing for an adaptability that few online slots seem to have these days. You won’t be blown away by the variance, nor are you going to become a millionaire from playing, but you’ll be entertained. Can we ever ask for more than that?