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The 100K Drop

The 100K Drop Slot Detail

Red Tiger developer got to the TV show, creating The 100K Drop online. Let’s start with the advantages, this is a colourful design with an interesting bonus game and the potential to win up to 50 000 coins. A separate advantage can be that the player himself can vary his potential winnings, and, accordingly, the potential for issuing this prize. The slot has 20 lines, up to 2 coins can be put on each of them. But most important is that the provider has set high volatility and the same probability of a hit.
Review and recommendations from our testing team

In the main game, the slot makes quite a small series of spins without winnings, but at the same time, they are usually small and vary from 0. Larger rewards of up to 30x bets are rarely given. Also, winning more than 30x is extremely rare, in my opinion, the slot is almost incapable of realizing its potential of giving winnings up to 500x bets due to the missing of additional bonus features, and its real potential does not exceed 50x – 100x.
The keeping of the balance is extremely bad, and we can say that the slot is not suitable for fulfilling the wagering requirements.
The bonus game is triggered quite often, and usually in series of 2 – 4 almost in a row. The advantage of this game is that the player can choose a strategy for himself. He can locate the money every time according to the maximum possible number of sectors, and, usually, the potential winnings are in the amount of 100x – 200x total bets, without any guarantee of winning (although high potential), since the fourth round could still lead to loss of money. You can bet only on one sector, and the potential final winning will be 2 000x bets (but with a low potential to receive it). Of course, it is impossible to say which sector is the best one, but based on testing, we can conclude that in a number of gaming sessions the slot periodically repeats the winning sector, as well as the fact that, often, it let the player pass through the first round (when giving the prize only in one sector). That’s why I don’t separate the prizes in the first round and for the rest, I am putting the entire prize on one sector again or to all possible. It was not possible to get a win in 2000x bets during testing, but winnings in 300x – 400x bets were won.

This slot is not recommended for playing with bonus money. When playing for real money you can use different strategies, for example, short sessions with the separating of the prize in the bonus game to all sectors (a potential win of 100x – 200x bets), or long sessions in order to trigger series of bonuses with winnings of 100x – 200x. Also, short sessions in an attempt to get a bonus round and a prize of 2000x bets, or long in an attempt to “press” the slot before giving a top prize.

Bonus feature

The bonus game is reduced to giving a prize of 2000x. The player has the chance to win it by separating the prizes in sectors for four rounds.
In the first round, the player can separate money into three boxes out of four, while three of them will be opened, and the money put in them will be lost.
The second round is similar to the first, and in it, you can also separate money into three boxes out of four.
In the third round, one box becomes inactive, and money can be separated into two out of three, two of which will be opened, and the money put in them will also be lost.
In the fourth round, only two boxes become active and money can be put on only one of them without separating, and accordingly, the chances of winning are already 50 to 50.