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Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms Slot Detail

Let’s go back to the defining moment of ancient China with the essence of the conflict between the Three Kingdoms slot in the Online Three Kingdoms slot machine from Gameplay Interactive. What can be more exciting than ancient China flavored gambling game? You can roam over the slot machines every now and then, but this has the essence of the ancient Chinese conflict of the Three Kingdoms that makes it more fun to play!
So what do you have to do exactly to win some bucks? Just spin, match the symbols in a fixed order, and you are ready to have some cash in your pocket!

The slots always get interesting when you have the characteristics. That’s what slot machines Three Kingdoms offers you. Its significant graphics and beautiful gameplay will hook you up and who doesn’t want to have a few bucks in some spins, right?

Autoplay: Constant Clicking No More!

You want to play the game, but you don’t like clicking again and again? This gambling game has an autoplay option that will help you through this. Just click on the “Hold for Auto” button, and you have the autoplay option on. You can pause whenever you want to go single spin also. Pretty amazing, right?

Paylines & Line Bets: How Can I Win My Money?

The game has 3 reels and 5 lines. It will give you the thrilling essence of the classic machines. You can click on the “i” button and see that there are about 30 different pay lines for the game. That is a wide range of an online slot machine. The pay lines are multiplied by the line bets, and they are awarded from left to right reel. You have to win the highest combination to be paid. You can bet from 0. So, this is pretty interesting to play. You have vast offerings and to do that you just have to click on the “coin” icon and set your limit.

Wild, Scatter, and Multiplier: More the Fun

You have seen the 8 symbols, and now you are being confused with these new symbols that entitled scatter. Well, these are different symbols and pretty much exciting. When you are into slot machines, you have that one golden word in your mind “Free Spin”. You are just right here. These scatters offer you extra spins. Expand wild will get you 10 extra free spins, the Mega stack will give you 15 free spins, and in the last segment, you’ll be offered a bonus of 20 spins. Three Kingdoms slot review has 8 character symbols, and you can select have your luck boosted up from 3X2 to 5X10. It will just bring you more money.

Highest Payouts: Look For The Bigger. The biggest question, Right? How much can I go with it? What is the maximum win? Well, this astonishing game will allow you to get a maximum of 5X2000 of your betting amount! That is about 6,00,000! This is really huge. You can have 5X1500 and 5×800 in the other ways too!
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As I mentioned, earlier this game is pretty much vast for the free spins. Changing the free spin into the Expand wild will let you have 10 extra free spins, With the face of general of Liu Bei Mega stack will give you 15 free spins and in the reel 1, it will appear randomly! And for the best, you will get a 20 free spins.

There are an instant win and bonus games also!

Instant win: The specific combinations will trigger maximum of 2X total bet!
Bonus round: The battle of Three Kingdoms casino app require 3 or more bonus appearances. It will conquer an area, and it will end when the player fails to conquer.

Mobile Version

Yes, it does have mobile versions. This game is available on iOS, Android. You can enjoy it on your mobile devices. Jump into the amazing world in the essence of ancient China!