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Titans Of The Sun Hyperion

Titans Of The Sun Hyperion Slot Detail

We would like to talk about the greatest feeling in the world – LOVE. In this time, about the love of the oldest daughter of Uranus and Gaia, Evryfaessa, and her fourth brother – Hyperion.
Helios are called Hyperionids. In the euphemistic interpretation, Hyperion was the human, who the first comprehend the movement of the heavenly bodies, because of this he was called the ”father” of them.
The ”Microgaming” is a good-known gambling provider for the online casinos and it has tried to make a video slot for all, regardless gender, religion, and faith in Greek mythology. Titans of the Sun: Hyperion Slot can be played without any borders (none downloads and also registrations are needed!

Gameplay for certain will impress you!

The five almost diaphanous reels have been placed on the wonderful background – a Greek city. Reels are framed with a ruby border in which corners are beautiful golden ornaments. Before you will make a decision to start watching the passionate mad love-story about Evryfaessa and Hyperion, better put your wager in order to do not mind about it later.

A click on the ”Bet” gonna show an option where you are allowed to make your choice of a wishful wager. Can it be any? No, of course, not. But there is a quite big range: 0. The regulating buttons for the ”coins” are present as well. Unfortunately, Titans of the Sun: Hyperion Slot has not a functional ”Start” button, but ”not” does not mean ”none”.

The ”Spin” is ”pushing up” the reels and starting a new slot’s game. We are asking you to not forget about ”AutoPlay”. This option can be used by you in any wished time. The first kind of symbols is icons of the yellow, bluish, orange, grassy, and red shades the values of the cards from ”Ten” to ”Ace”.

The second is masterpiece creations of an amazing artist: a portrait of the very handsome curly fair-haired man with aristocratic features. Hyperion can appear in regular games and bonus rounds.
with the sun rays tail, hooves and mane a pure-white horse, and a large flying phoenix.

Titans of the Sun: Hyperion Slot has cute bonus rounds

A beige face of the ”Sun” is transforming into any symbols except ”Wild”. A sweet picture of two dark silhouettes (Hyperion and Evryfaessa) is the slot machine’s scatter for the ”calling” ”Free Spins”. Do catch 3+ ”Dark silhouettes” and take 15 won ”free spins”.

This game can be re-triggered again and again if you will be collecting one more time the same number of ”Dark silhouettes”. A logo (and simultaneously a ”Wild”) of Titans of the Sun: Hyperion is quite common – golden-sunny words: Titans of the Sun.