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Top Cat Slot Detail

Blueprint Gaming have presented several animal slots to Bet UK’s online casino collection including The Pig Wizard and Worms Reloaded. Here though, they’ve taken the indisputable leader of the gang, Top Cat, and turned his exploits into an incredible online casino game.
Play Top Cat bonus right here at Bet UK on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

How to Play Top Cat Online Slot

Total Bet

The Total Bet window shows you exactly how much you will be placing on the next spin.

Total Win

Any win across all paylines will be added up, and the final figure will be shown in the Total Win window.


The Top Cat online slot includes the Autoplay feature in which you select a number of spins and the Autoplay feature will spin the reels for you. If you fancy having a spin yourself, just press the button again.


To view the symbols that could win you the most in the Top Cat mobile slot, select the paytable. You’ll also find any other information about the slot such as win lines and Bonus features.

Top Cat Bonus Rounds


Wilds in the Top Cat slot act just like any other Wilds, they will substitute for any symbol (except Bonus or Scatter symbols) to help complete winning lines. However, only the highest paying win on each line will be paid out. In the Top Cat online slot, there are 4 different kind of Wild symbols – Water Wilds, Choo Piano Wilds, Dibbel Wilds and Hot Dog Wilds.

Call or Nothing

The Call or Nothing bonus round can be triggered during any spin of the reels. Just watch out for Top Cat popping out the trash can and talking to one of the gang.

  • Choo’s Piano Wilds

When the slot reels start to spin, Choo will walk up to the centre of the reels. Brain will then drop a piano on top of his head, sending stars spinning round a huge bump on Choo’s head! The stars will randomly place themselves on the reels, and will transform into Wilds.

Brain’s Water Wilds

When the slot reels spin, Brain will sneak a fire hydrant next to all the reels. Brain will use his trusty wrench to spray water at all five of the reels through the hydrants. As the reels dry off, there is a chance that each reel on the slot can turn fully Wild.

Spook’s Mice as Nice

There will be a call between Top Cat slot machine and Spook which will cause the slot reels to stop. Top Cat will appear from the trash can blowing his whistle, making mice come out next to random symbols to change them into a winning line. Top Cat will keep blowing his whistle, and each time he does, the mice will change the reels for even more wins! This will keep going until Officer Dibble shows up, and any wins will be awarded.

Benny’s Colossal TV’s

As the slot reels are spinning, Benny will pop up and press the button on his remote. A colossal TV will then appear, and a number of TV’s will be added to the slot reels. Once a number of TV’s have landed on the reels, Benny will press his remote again, and each TV will show the same symbol, giving you some huge wins.

The Master Plan

Find any 3 Bonus symbols on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel to start the Master Plan Bonus. You’ll then be taken to the Pick A Plan cutscene, giving you the chance to choose any bonus you wish.

Fancy Fancy’s Hot Dog

The final reel on the slot will be covered by a large Hot Dog, which is also a Wild Symbol. If the whole of the Hot Dog is shown on the final reel, then the Respin Bonus will be triggered. A Hot Dog Vendor will then appear, and place his cart on the final reel, covering up the Hot Dog Wild. Fancy Fancy and the rest of the gang will then appear with a fishing rod. The reels will then spin, and for each spin, the cart will be pulled over to the next reel, so now the 4th reel will be Wild for the second re-spin. This will continue until the cart reaches the 1st reel, where the Hot Dog Vendor will finally grab his cart back.

Cash Picker Bonus

If the Cash Picker Bonus is chosen, then a garback truck will be shown, dropping trash cans along the way. You will then choose a bin, and a random Top character will pop out holding a multiplier. Keep on choosing characters until Officer Dibble shows his face, holding a COLLECT sign, when all winnings will be awarded.

Maharaja Heist Bonus

Another Bonus screen will be shown if the Maharaja Bonus is shown. The Bonus is split into 2 different features: a multiplier trail and a Big Money Board. In the first stage, you’ll pick on of the Gane to climb up the hotel and increase your multiplier. Selecting a member will advance the gang up to 5 windows high, or you will collect all your winnings. If the Big Money Board is reached, then you’ll see a brand new board layout, featuring the whole gang, plus Officer Dibble. Now you will have to roll a red die, which will move the gang around the game board, collecting Total Bet multipliers along the way. The blue die will then be rolled for Officer Dibble. If he catches you, then an ending cutscene will play, and any wins achieved will be awarded.

Construction Site Free Spins

Picking the Construction Site from the Master Plan will give you Free Spins. You’ll be taken to the Construction Site where you will see 5 different slot reel sets. You will start at the top, on the fifth reel, which is covered in Wilds. As you move down the slot reels, less Wilds will be shown. At the bottom reel, you will play out the Free Spins. If a number of Top Cat stickers are revealed, then you’ll go to the next slot reel set. So the more reels you play on, the more Wilds you will be playing with! There is also a chance to win additional Free Spins on reels further up the Construction Site.

Diner Free Spins

If the Diner Free Spins are chosen, then you will see another set of reels in a rainy street. A special Wild symbol will be active on all of the slot reels, which will all be roaming Wilds. If a Wild lands on the slot reels, then it will move to another reel for the next spin. If any of the 2 Wilds ever collide, then a full reel will be turned into one big Wild! This will keep going until all the Free Spins are up, when you will be given your winnings.

Feature Gamble

After any of the Top Cat bonus features, you will have a chance to gamble your winnings by playing on a different feature. You will be given a choice which will show all the feature round ordering by average payout, from right to left. The feature you have just played will show a Press To Collect button, and all the other features will have a Press To Gamble button. After the feature is over, then you will the chance to gamble again, but only on features that have a higher average payout. If you lose your gamble, then a Booby Prize of a random cash value will be awarded!

Jackpot King Promotional Pot System

Jackpot King is a Bonus Round that is triggered by finding 5 Golden Crowns on the slot reels. You will then be shown a whole new set of reels, where you will have to find Golden Crowns in order to advance up the Cash Trail. Along your way, you can collect parts of the King’s Treasure, which will give you cash prizes and Free Spins. When you reach the top of the cash trail, you will get to spin the Wheel King Bonus. Here you will win a multiplier of up to 1000x, or maybe even the incredible Jackpot King Progressive!

Bet UK Top Cat Slot Review

Blueprint Gaming are well known for their top quality online casino games, which have proven incredibly popular here at Bet UK. They’ve even taken animated TV series and turned them into online slots before, with Thundercats: Reels of Thundera and Beavis and Butthead slot standing out. That said, Top Cat is one of the best Blueprint Gaming slots at Bet UK, and definitely worth a second glance. For a different experience though, take a look at our online betting markets and online casino blog hub.