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Wild Heist At Peacock Manor

Wild Heist At Peacock Manor Slot Detail

Review of Wild Heist at Peacock Manor

Created by Swedish-based software provider Thunderkick, this game has everything: beautiful animations, a spine-chilling crime-theme and interesting gameplay features. So for gamblers with a mean streak out there who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, this is the perfect slot machine for you. Take on the role of four shady figures who are trying to break into Peacock Manor to steal a golden peacock statue, and rake in the big rewards.

Game Mechanics of Wild Heist at Peacock Manor

Thunderkick has a knack for creating beautifully animated and smooth-running slot machines. This is because they integrate all their software on a sleek HTML5 framework, which allows for their games to be run seamlessly across all devices, whether that be PC or mobile. No less can be expected from Wild Heist At Peacock Manor casino app. This game is set upon 5 reels and 3 horizontal rows, making up the 5 x 3 grid interface on which the player will spin the reels. The amount of paylines might be a bit disappointing for casual players, there are only 17 of them to be exact.

Bets can be altered in-between spins and come in various coin sizes. The coin sizes can be altered to adhere to the player’s wagering preferences and budget, meaning that the lowest bet size is a very safe 0. There is an estimated Return to Player percentage of 96. RTP, Wild Heist at Peacock Manor can be classified as a medium volatility slot machine. This means that the game is very much suited for high rollers, rather than casual players.

Slot Features of Wild Heist at Peacock Manor

The interface of Wild Heist At Peacock Manor bonus after the elegant, wooden entrance door to the manor itself. On the reels you will find both high paying symbols and low paying symbols. High paying symbols are modelled after the burglars, our main characters of this crime-themed slot machine. The highest paying symbol is the golden peacock that the robbers are after, this symbol can take up 3 vertical slots at once on the reels. Landing 5 of these in a row will net the player a maximum symbol win of 150x their stake. For more information, please refer to the pay table below.

Low paying symbols might payout less, but landing a few of these in a row can really amp up the bankroll of the player. They can be recognised as the standard symbols of A, K, Q, J and 10 that you will find on playing cards.

Wild Symbols and Free Spins

Wild symbols are frequently occuring on the Wild Heist At Peacock Manor online slot, as is normal with all modern video slots. The wild symbol functions much like a joker symbol would in a game of cards and can be substituted for any other symbol on the reels, except the Scatter symbol. Make sure that you land as many wild symbols as possible, because they might help you connect more winning bet lines!

Of course, the wild symbol and the scatter symbol go hand in hand together as with most other video slots. The scatter symbol can be recognised by a golden key on a blue background. If you have already taken a closer look at the reels, you will see that there are 3 locks on the right side of the interface. With every scatter symbol the player manages to land on the screen, a key will turn in the lock. Landing all 3 scatter symbols will unlock the door, allowing for the player to enter the bonus game of Wild Heist at Peacock Manor.

Bonus Game of Wild Heist at Peacock Manor

When the player has gathered all 3 keys and unlocked the door to their prize, they will be able to enter the bonus game of this slot. The player will be presented with 3 cards from which they get to pick and use the chosen feature for the bonus round. Every single feature allows for the player to land bigger wins and add an extra dynamic to the game play. During the bonus round, the player will be able to score additional scatter symbols which allows them to pick up to 5 extra cards. On top of that, the bonus game will not cost the player any wagers because they will be awarded with a set amount of free spins.

Pick your bonus feature

When presented with the pick screen, players will be able to choose their extra features which will aid them in landing bigger wins. Features include multipliers, extra free spins, extra wild symbols or a mystery feature which can take on any of the aforementioned features.

Re-pick feature

When the player manages to land 2 or more scatters in the bonus game, they will trigger the re-pick bonus feature. This allows the player to pick one extra card to aid them in the bonus round. Each additional scatter symbol will grant the player an extra re-pick, up to 5 times.

A Final Word On Wild Heist at Peacock Manor

If you are looking for a thrilling and crime-themed slot machine then Wild Heist at Peacock Manor is your new favourite slot machine. This Thunderkick title is filled with awesome features that keep the game interesting and dynamic in gameplay. Although the paylines might not be in abundance and winnings might not be as frequent, we believe that this ties neatly into the whole burglar theme since crime is not without risk.

So if you want make an attempt in stealing the golden peacock statue and get rich then why not try out our demo? If you are looking to play for real money, then do not hesitate to check out or top recommended casinos on where to play Wild Heist at Peacock Manor.